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Today's daily energy on March 08th, 2022 is mainly accompanied by very stormy and, above all, explosive energies that reach all of us and therefore completely rinse the entire collective. In the process, many unredeemed parts within the collective spirit are flushed out, a special process that ultimately lays a great foundation for a coming golden age and must therefore happen,but at the same time it is also accompanied by a lot of confusion, resentment and change. In this context, the mood worldwide has become massively heated. Many levels of existence and also many constellations, for example astrological constellations, show us the current, very explosive situation, which is expected to extend into the summer.


The ENERGY has NEVER been THIS HIGHAnd if you look at the global situation around the world, a circumstance that essentially only reflects our internal cleansing process (Since you yourself are everything, EVERYTHING is truly embedded within your own reality -– i.e. the people/creators themselves who are currently working on/healing their deepest mental wounds - Inner liberation from very heavy and deep-seated energies - A process that is expressed externally in a strong explosive mood - As I said, at the core of everything it is always about our inner ascent to the highest), then it becomes clear that we truly find ourselves in the greatest phase of change ever. The pseudo-pandemic served as a prelude to the collective awakening this decade (Crown chakra activation, the connection to the divine) and already broke the previous system normality (the old matrix began to falter - above all, this also means the old/stuck mental state of people). But now with the major conflict in Europe it is clear that a major shake-up is taking place here. You can really feel that major global changes are taking place or will even result from the current conflict, i.e. it is clear that something important is happening. And with that, as I said, I don't position myself on either side or my basic position belongs to the divine/holy anyway (The global situation simply represents a large stage on which all sides are subject to control - the good/evil principle that is applied by two sides in different ways). Nevertheless, all of this shows that the old matrix is ​​completely disappearing, that the old system is now being maneuvered with maximum momentum into the state of dissolution. This energy can also be felt by everyone. Big changes are in full swing and are happening at an extremely accelerated pace


The ENERGY has NEVER been THIS HIGHWell, while our energy is becoming more and more valuable or is needed more than ever by the old structure, we are also trying with all our might to direct our energy towards war and suffering. Never more has there been an attempt to infiltrate our most sacred, i.e. our inner space, to rob us of our creative energy in order to maintain/promote a reality in which chaos reigns. Of course, this does not mean that we should ignore these circumstances, on the contrary, they not only show us our current state of mental development, but they also show us to what extent we should make appropriate preparations (Keyword: self-sufficient life in areas close to nature and with few inhabitants - in order to be able to completely immerse yourself in peace, to escape the heavy energies of the cities, to be able to fully absorb nature, to be able to take even greater responsibility for one's own self and above all everything, to protect your own spirit). In exactly the same way, this circumstance also shows us how strongly and still receptive we are to disharmonious energies and information and even whether we allow our space to be filled with corresponding disharmonious news/information. And this fact is becoming more and more important, i.e. that we ourselves recognize what we allow to happen to our own mind and, above all, to our inner space every day, instead of focusing our mind on more valuable things instead of giving ourselves over to dark media information.


The current resonance frequency of our earth is experiencing real fluctuations and changes. Everything points to big changes..!!

Learning to evade this, or better yet, to surrender to the sacred, is becoming increasingly important for all of us. And since the energies are currently higher than ever before, this process is also becoming more and more noticeable. The energy is currently so high that we are inevitably heading towards a corresponding explosion, i.e. a moment in which the corresponding constructs will collapse like a house of cards. Humanity is currently causing a lot of suffering, which will lead to a great energetic discharge. The energies of all the primal wounds come to the surface, flow out into the world and discharge themselves. But we shouldn't let this influence us in any way. It is becoming increasingly important that we become solid anchors and develop our full creative potential. Now more than ever it is about charging our inner space with holiness and love. More than ever, we should learn to supply the collective with exactly this high quality of energy, instead of allowing ourselves to be seduced by the heaviness. This principle reflects the collective/the external world completely to us and we should therefore take advantage of it. Well, finally, I would like to go back to that “Save Yourself Who Can” Congress draw attention to the fact that there is countless information on the topics of emigration, crisis preparedness, the current global situation (and what happens next – what we can do) Self-healing and self-sufficient living, will be published. Only today All congress interviews are once again available to everyone free of charge. If you would like to be there, today is the perfect day. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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