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Today's daily energy on June 08, 2021 is mainly characterized by the influences that have begun in the first summer month, the associated rising temperatures and, above all, the frequency-related intensity of the portal day. On the other hand, the influences of the moon reach us, which in turn is in the zodiac sign Taurus (only in the evening does the moon change to the zodiac sign Gemini - at 20:48 p.m) and therefore gives us influences throughout the day, which encourages us to continue to break down barriers in our Discarding spirits, i.e. self-created blockages, through which we keep ourselves imprisoned in a state of obsessiveness and "standstill". After all, the Taurus Moon is appropriately in its waning phase, basically the moon is even heading towards the upcoming solar eclipse on June 10th, which is why its intensity is significantly increased.

The coming solar eclipse

The storm has subsidedIn this context, the waning moon also goes hand in hand with the cleansing or decrease of heavy energies, which is why detoxification at times of a waning moon is particularly suitable, or rather, corresponding projects bear fruit much faster. The energies of the moon resonate with our own mind/body/spirit system and the waning moon therefore favors all processes of detoxification. And the already noticeable energies of the coming solar eclipse in two days will raise these processes to a new level, because hardly any other event stands for a great new beginning as is the case on the day of a solar eclipse, especially since the current solar eclipse then Yes, a special phase has also been completed, i.e. a period between the last lunar eclipse and the current solar eclipse, in which we were able to relieve our system by clearing deep shadows, yes, the days feel like a special turnaround in this regard. One can feel the end times stronger than ever, not only the end times in the world, but above all the end times in ourselves - which will end when we let the last darkenings of our spirit and our hearts clear (change all shadow circumstances and states - wrap in love, let the highest presence of God come to life - no longer cower, but recognize yourself as the source and live it out on all levels of existence).

The storm has subsided

Now and in line with this, we are now experiencing the manifestation of the first summer month even more intensely. The storm of the past few days has subsided, i.e. the heavy rain and thunderstorms are over for the time being. Temperatures are now rising again and the sun will flow through us with its powerful healing powers if we naturally indulge rather than avoid it (I used to avoid the sun myself and didn't tolerate it well, why? Because in these times when I was thinking completely systemically, I myself could not bear the light/truth. I was far from the light and close to the dark. It's completely reversed now and I love the sun more than ever. My sensitivity no longer exists either. One's own system was able to change thanks to God Himself - Spirit rules over matter!!!). And of course, in the background there is of course still a storm, as already mentioned we are living through the last breaths of the end times. Nevertheless, the sunny days will again be accompanied by a lot of rest and show us the way into our own center. We are all going through great things and are getting closer and closer to the manifestation of a new world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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