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Today the time has come and we have reached the beginning of a 10-day portal day phase. For this reason, as has already been announced several times, we have 10 highly energetic days ahead of us (until February 17th), which not only serve our own mental and spiritual well-being (Further development within the process of spiritual awakening, - process of becoming whole, becoming conscious and conscious entry into our divinity, - heart energy), rather This can also be responsible for strong introspection and self-reflection.

Start of the 10-day portal day phase

Start of the 10-day portal day phaseAside from this, we may be confronted with some of our own old patterns in a direct way. Portal days always serve our own mental development and also flush conflicts into our daily consciousness, through which we not only repeatedly succumb to our own limits, but also repeatedly enter a state of consciousness that is characterized by a “low” frequency. For this reason, it can also be quite appropriate to approach the coming days with a certain amount of mindfulness, simply in order to experience the days even more consciously and to also feel the effects of our own mental orientations, because it can happen, especially on portal days, that we feel the same notice the effects much more strongly. We should therefore expand our inner space, which we can call the space of creation, in a direction that is accompanied by flourishing and growth (yes, polaritarian experiences also serve our own growth, but that's not the point here, it's more about deriving the benefit from corresponding experiences, recognizing the lessons that come with them, in order to then be able to create a more harmonious living environment - especially in the A lot is possible during the portal day phase, because these days are all about purification, transformation and healing - salvation of the soul). Well, regarding the portal days, I would also like to quote another section from the website danielahutter.com:

“Today is a portal day. The origin of this knowledge can be found in the Mayan calendar and their allocation of time qualities. Many people feel the “special energies” of these days - but cannot directly assign their feeling. Some people are particularly thin-skinned and emotional, some people dream intensely - others feel the energies physically with headaches, dizziness, fatigue, restless sleep or even emotional irritability.

On portal days the vibration is very high and the cosmic influences are particularly high. These also carry us in our existence and thus enable easier access “to the other side”, to our own depth, to the topics of the soul.”

Ultimately, this section also describes the portal days very accurately and once again illustrates the immense potential that a portal day and in particular a series of portal days have. However, that does not mean that these days necessarily have to be experienced as strenuous or even tiring. On the one hand, as always, our personal issues/conflicts that we are currently working on are included here, on the other hand, our individual handling of these issues/conflicts and, on the other hand, our inner attitude is also crucial here. We ourselves constantly act as creators and shape our own world. Our beliefs are therefore very crucial. A few years ago, for example, I always looked at the portal days from a critical perspective and was already in a very negative mood beforehand, i.e. I told myself internally that I would definitely feel bad on these days and that's exactly what always happened.

One of the last human freedoms is to be able to freely choose one's attitude under whatever circumstances and to choose one's own path. – Viktor Frankl..!!

At some point I became aware of my disharmonious attitude towards the portal days and asked myself why I was using my own creative power to attract corresponding circumstances (even making my happiness dependent on these days/thought patterns/external circumstances) instead of looking forward to them . Since then I have changed my attitude towards the portal days and look forward to these days much more, knowing that they will be accompanied by magical moments/situations and will be of great benefit to my prosperity. Because of this, I now experience these days completely differently and attract many more inspiring situations into my life on corresponding days. At the end of the day, happiness is not something that just comes to us, but everything can ultimately be traced back to our beliefs, convictions, our self-image or, to put it clearly, our own mind. We can therefore feel extremely good in the following days and choose happiness within our spirit. As I said, these days bring with them immense potential and, above all, incredibly strong energy and we can harness this energy. We are now entering a truly special and, above all, magical phase. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 08, 2019 – Every life is precious
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