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Today's daily energy on December 08th, 2019 is mainly shaped by the influences of the fourth portal day, which means that we are still accompanied by a storm of energies through which we are given the incredible opportunity to to awaken to our true selves. Our highest self wants to be developed in the current days and the current portal days make it much easier for us to return to our true self.

The fourth portal day

The fourth portal dayWell, after all, we are in the MOST POWERFUL transition EVER and, as a result, we are experiencing the most important quality of time for our individual flourishing. Anyone who now gets involved with the energetic influences and looks deeply into themselves can experience themselves as the creator of all things, which they themselves represent (since EVERYTHING that exists is based ONLY on one's own imagination, - TRULY EVERYTHING - Imagine something else, - that is it, you are already imagining, everything is one's own imagination/mind/energy, it has always been that way and that's how it will always be - therefore enter into the highest divine spirit, - no longer keep yourself small, - let the greatest image of yourself come to life - explode all your self-imposed limits and conditioned patterns!!!!). It's the highest entry! It is the gate of awakening that we walk through with this knowledge! It is the highest experiential level of one's own self, the highest self, which we have allowed to be suppressed for thousands of years. We have always allowed ourselves to be kept small and have massively limited ourselves mentally. But the time of this limitation and the resulting maintenance of a separate mental state is ending. Therefore, recognize yourself for what you really are. Shed all your limitations and create a completely new reality - a reality in which we no longer identify with a lower personality or with a small self-image. Everything always came down to yourself.


The strong anomalies in the planetary resonance frequency are encouraging a massive awakening process and are leading us, especially in these days, into our highest self-image. Ultimately, we find ourselves in the most momentous days of all. The collective awakens...

The feeling has accompanied you from an early age and NOW is the time to recognize this circumstance and consequently yourself as the most valuable thing (Consequently, to transfer 1:1 to what you can see outside, namely your own world 100% mirrored in the external world - everything is of divine nature, because everything represents a direct expression of your own creative spirit). Therefore, use today's daily energy and dive deeply into your own inner world. You can develop your limitless potential NOW. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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