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Today's daily energy on April 08, 2020 is mainly characterized by the intense and above all highly transforming full moon influences (As already in addressed yesterday's daily energy article - see lower section). The super full moon (Super full moon, because the moon not only shines much brighter due to its closest point to the earth, but also has a stronger effect on us) manifested at 04:35 in the early morning and subsequently practiced, at this point in time, an enormously flushing energy quality towards us (of course also before and after, you all felt it, but at that moment the peak was reached).

Acceleration instead of deceleration

full moon influences

The recording was made yesterday evening between 20:00 p.m. and 21:00 p.m. The glow of the moon was very intense and you could feel the strong energy of the full moon permanently. I then went back in the dark through a wooded section. A very special mood prevailed in me and the forest seemed so mystical that I felt like I was in a fairy tale, as if I were surrounded by countless nature spirits (well, that anyway^^), everything was, well, everything was somehow extraordinary. What kind of magic currently prevails, unbelievable! Everything changes completely, no day is like the other and your own perception and world undergoes drastic readjustments!!

The energy was already extremely strong in advance, which I felt in a special way during a walk in the woods and especially in the evening. Of course, in general we are currently experiencing a complete realignment and change in our own perception, i.e. our subtle view of the world, our third eye, our crown chakra, the expansion of our own mind in MUCH higher frequency directions and above all the manifestation of a new reality based on a new mental state, all of which is currently gaining incredible momentum. But the full moon has once again triggered a quantum leap in further development and changed perception, stronger than I have ever experienced myself (and that although the past full and new moons were extreme). Well we are in a global phase of enlightenment, spiritual growth, heart opening and ascension and as the days go by the energy intensity is increasing. Corresponding full moons put the icing on the cake and ensure another incredible acceleration.

All of humanity is waking up

And it is precisely such an acceleration that we can currently feel on all levels of existence. While the past decade has slowly but steadily accelerated and more and more people have surrendered to the light/awakening, we are now experiencing months of global awakening and, above all, the final awakening. 2020 truly stands for the golden decade and we are now ONLY experiencing tremendous progress in terms of the waking up process. Everything is currently being done and, above all, EVERYTHING is being done to wake up humanity. The old system uninstalls itself and a new world becomes manifest. We are therefore now experiencing, in these days, weeks, months and years, a continuous rise in human civilization, accompanied by the uncovering of all disinformation, lies, false historical events and everything that has been kept from us since the beginning of our history. We are, therefore, truly experiencing a collective mind that is in the process of latching onto a new high frequency reality (a divine reality). And all the measures that are currently being taken, everything that is happening, all the shadows, all the restriction of freedom that is taking place under the guise of an alleged "virus", all of this only brings more light and only serves the collective ascent (the world comes into harmony - as already mentioned, the biggest shadow or the heaviest energy of mankind is vibrated out - it is a return to the natural order, a return to the divine self-image/consciousness).


And at the end of the day, we should never forget that this incredible change is a direct projection of our own inner world and, above all, shows us how incredibly strong we have grown, how incredibly strong we are ourselves but has further developed how much one has already allowed high states to become manifest. So I would like to add one more thing at this point: If you abstract everything to the core, then be aware that everything that is happening was ONLY triggered by yourself and is a direct result of your personal ascension. At the end of the day there is no separation because not only are you connected to everything, but you are YOURSELF EVERYTHING AND HAS ABOVE ALL EVERYTHING CREATE!!!! The entire existence, everything that happens and everything that we experience, takes place ONLY within oneself, just as this text is a direct result of your creative power, i.e. you have made the fact of reading this article truth/reality, have stretched your mind into this dimension/direction, have chosen yourself as the creator to create this situation and all of my words are playing out in you. ONLY YOU CREATE. All other people are just an expression of your creation.

Your spirit rises

They are projections of your mind on the outside (I can only recommend my video series on Youtube - the highest level of knowledge part 1-3!!!!). What is currently happening therefore ONLY reflects your personal ascension process, however difficult that may be to discern, for we tend to relinquish not only our responsibilities, but also our own divinity, - maintaining the highest divine self-image that one can accept and (YOU YOURSELF / YOU ARE THE WISEST, MOST IMPORTANT AND MOST IMPORTANT THAT EXISTS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, YOU ARE THE HIGHEST DIVINE INSTITUTION, THE SOURCE ITSELF, THAT INFINITE FIELD THAT PENETRATES EVERYTHING AND HOLDS EVERYTHING TOGETHER)!!!! With that in mind, enjoy today's Supermoon influences and know that all is according to your divine plan. You yourself/everything wakes up. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Monica Zimmerman 8. April 2020, 8: 18

      Thank you, yes, I am fully aware, but reading it again is soooo good, there are often still “prickly” moments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️

    Monica Zimmerman 8. April 2020, 8: 18

    Thank you, yes, I am fully aware, but reading it again is soooo good, there are often still “prickly” moments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥️