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daily energy

The daily energy today is still stormy in nature, so the 2nd portal day of a 10-day series begins today, which permanently maintains or promotes a high vibrational environment. So the whole thing will not flatten out in the coming days and we can continue to look forward to a unique time of change. In this context, the current phase is also, – As already mentioned in my articles yesterday, more intense than ever before.

The second portal day

The second portal daySo the night before yesterday, an important self-knowledge reached me, which I began to implement yesterday, which was also extremely liberating for my own mind. Nevertheless, the current phase can also be perceived as very strenuous, problems with concentration can become noticeable, depressive moods can occur or sleep can suffer from these high incoming energies, which I also felt last night (all these negative aspects do not necessarily have to occur). So it's very difficult for me to fall asleep and today I just feel that I'm not quite up to speed, that the sleep wasn't even remotely as restful as it was in the last few days/weeks. Well, apart from that, the weather is going crazy again parallel to the portal days, which is absolutely not the result of chance. As far as that is concerned, strong solar storms have also reached us in the last few days, which basically strengthened the massive frequency increase. The fact that the weather is so crazy on such days and it is permanently cloudy in many parts of Germany is also intentional. On such days, the weather is heavily influenced/manipulated by means of Haarp or chemtrails (other practices are also included), in order firstly to soften all incoming frequencies and secondly to curb people's susceptibility. Of course, this practice cannot stop the current change + the incoming frequencies, only mitigate it a little (in the negative sense, of course). Otherwise I have to mention at this point that the weather as a whole is influenced and manipulated every day, even if that still seems completely impossible for many people, but unfortunately it is the truth.

Various interventions in nature take place every day. These are practices that are not only intended to prevent the current collective awakening, but are also carried out to enforce experimental interests..!! 

Even many earthquakes, floods or tornadoes/hurricanes are often not of natural origin. But no matter, ultimately this shouldn't worry, scare or even depress us. All these interventions in nature do not stop the currently advancing change. In this context, nothing can stop the further development of the collective state of consciousness, the widespread spiritual awakening. For this reason, we should focus much more on the development of our own soul, our own spirit and use the current energetic circumstances to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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