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Today's daily energy on October 07th, 2017 is accompanied by an urge for change and consequently also stands for our own self-imposed limitations, for our karmic entanglements and above all for our own EGO-affected behaviors/programs, which ultimately lead to the initiation of serious changes in the There are paths. So we often find it difficult to leave our own comfort zone, to initiate changes and, above all, to do soto accept changes. Instead, we prefer to keep ourselves stuck in our own old programs - i.e. stressful habits - and thus miss the opportunity to create a state of consciousness that is in turn positive in nature.

Leave your situation, change it or accept it completely

Change, leave or accept your situationIn this context, we often find it difficult to accept our own problems, karmic entanglements or certain life circumstances. Instead of accepting our own circumstance, realizing that we are solely responsible for our own circumstance and therefore do not need to hide from our own problems, we avoid our own self-created discrepancy and cannot feel acceptance in our own mind legitimize. Eckhart Tolle also said the following: “If you find your here and now unbearable and it makes you unhappy, then there are three options: leave the situation, change it or accept it completely. If you want to take responsibility for your life, then you must choose one of these three options and you must make the choice now. He was absolutely right with these words. If there is anything in our life that we don't like, something that bothers us or even robs us of our own inner peace, then ultimately these 3 options are available to us. We can change our own situation and ensure that the corresponding problems are no longer present, we can leave our own situation completely or we can simply accept our own circumstances as they are at the moment. What we shouldn't do, or rather what makes us sick in this regard, is the constant brooding over our situation, the permanent dwelling on our own mental entanglements.

If you have a problem, try to solve it. If you can't solve it, then don't make it a problem..!! –Buddha

Instead of drawing strength from the eternal presence of the present, we get caught up in our own self-imposed karmic patterns and fail to focus on what is important. For this reason, we should start again to accept our own circumstances, to simply accept them instead of rejecting them. Last but not least, I also have a very appropriate quote from Eckhart Tolle: Spirituality is the awareness that life as it is is completely fine. It doesn't need to be changed or fixed. It just needs to be accepted. When we make peace with life, peace will come into our lives. It's that simple. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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