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daily energy

Today's daily energy on November 07th, 2022 mainly gives us the energies of the preliminary total lunar eclipse, which in turn will reach us tomorrow. The veils to our deepest core are therefore very thin and access to our true being is open. We are therefore in a highly energetic/magical phase that affects our entire Mind, body and spirit system illuminated. In particular, in keeping with the moon, our hidden parts will be addressed, because the moon not only represents our emotional world, the feminine, but also our hidden side.

The second portal day of this month

daily energyFor this reason, this total lunar eclipse will also represent a portal that will lead us to our twisted planes. Unfulfilled inner states, karmic patterns, suppressed conflicts and other limiting structures, through which we also live out a limited mental state, will be put to the test, or rather some of them will show up in a special way. A deep phase of healing continues, a phase that was initiated with the solar eclipse two weeks ago. Today's preliminary lunar eclipse day lets us feel a part of this ancient powerful energy quality and can already give us strong self-knowledge. This wave is then also supported by the fact that today is another portal day, to be precise the second portal day of this month. Portal days are generally days on which access to our inner world is much more open and we ourselves, through the elevation of our spirit, often triggered by the recognition and overcoming of our own defective patterns, enter a portal to a higher state of consciousness. All prevailing energies are massively amplified. So we are now passing through a portal that will lead us directly to the total lunar eclipse.

Moon in Taurus zodiac sign

Moon in Taurus zodiac signOn the other hand, early in the morning at 06:18 a.m. the moon changed from the zodiac sign Aries to the zodiac sign Taurus. In this regard, a different quality of energy now affects us, a much more earthy one compared to Aries. This would allow us to approach various circumstances emotionally with calm and consideration. Instead of going straight to the ceiling emotionally, i.e. boiling up and exploding inside, a grounded emotional world is more in the foreground (which, given the high-energy total lunar eclipse, can still go the opposite way). In contrast, during the Taurus Moon we always experience the need for emotional security. You may be afraid of changes and would rather stick to existing patterns than engage in the unknown. For this reason, the total Taurus Moon eclipse will also strongly address the persistence within our own comfort zone and accordingly reveal deeply hidden patterns and mental wounds through which we allow ourselves to be trapped in existing destructive structures and are unable to leave our comfort zone. Well, the Taurus Moon will accompany us for the next three days and, above all, lead us into the lunar eclipse. We can therefore be excited to see what will be revealed to us tomorrow. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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