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Today's daily energy on November 07th, 2017 is accompanied by a very intensive portal day and can therefore release some old structures, behaviors, beliefs and other anchored thoughts and transport them back into our daily consciousness or bring them to our attention. In this context, portal days are days predicted by the Maya on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us humans.

Cosmic radiation

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

Energetic high

Energetic highThese high cosmic irradiations, attributed to special cosmic events (every 26.000 years galactic pulse – solar storms, etc.) simply change the frequency of our own state of consciousness, which is noticeable either in a positive way, i.e. in increased perception, in increased dynamism, in a certain increase in performance (we are happier, more harmonious and have more energy), or in a negative sense, i.e. we are confronted with our own problems, with our own inconsistencies or with our own imbalance (preparation/adaptation to a high frequency). Ultimately, experience shows that these effects are related to our own mental state, i.e. the better we feel, the more balanced our mind/body/spirit system is and the more positive we are in our overall mood, the better we will feel on such days (At least as a rule, there are always exceptions) or the easier it is to deal with these incoming energies. As far as this is concerned, these increased frequencies also lead to an adjustment of our own frequency to that of the earth (high frequency = positive in nature = higher/more harmonious thoughts and emotions - 5D). For this reason, unbalanced people like to be confronted with their inner imbalance on such days, simply for the reason that they can recognize their own problems and then actively change them - which in turn means that we can do so at a higher frequency, i.e. in one be able to stay in a more balanced state of consciousness.

In the current Age of Aquarius, we humans are constantly experiencing real energetic increases due to very special cosmic circumstances. These increases ultimately serve the spiritual awakening of humanity and accelerate the quantum leap into awakening..!! 

A person who has a very balanced mind/body/spirit system and has very few problems would not experience any of these confrontations on such days (if only to a small extent), simply because he is already in a higher level from the ground up Frequency lingers. Well, today we are definitely experiencing a huge energetic high again due to the portal day and we can be really excited to see how this will affect our own state of consciousness and, above all, the collective state of consciousness. Either way, one thing is certain: even if the effects are of a shadow-heavy nature for some people, we should be aware that all of this only serves our own mental and spiritual development. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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