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Today's daily energy on May 07th, 2019 is characterized by the continued strong basic energetic quality and is therefore entirely dedicated to our transformation. Everything is heading towards a complete ascension, i.e. the mastery of ourselves, which in turn comes with the shedding of all our shadows, the creation of a mind that is completely bathed in light and has redeemed all destructive beliefs and beliefs.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

Like a phoenix rising from the ashesWe can therefore rise like a phoenix from the ashes, like a caterpillar that now turns into a butterfly. The deep valleys of darkness that we have experienced over the last few weeks and months (especially the last few days) come to an end and it now awaits us if we are receptive to the complete reprogramming of our subconscious (Recognize all the signs that the subconscious presents to us, be grateful for them and convert them - replace them with positive beliefs), a state full of light and love. As I said, everything arises from our own imagination, everything is based on our beliefs and convictions, these shape our existence, shape our reality and create new living conditions (We therefore attract circumstances like a magnet). Losing ourselves in negative programs only cuts us off from what we ourselves want, namely abundance, light and love. For this reason, we are increasingly confronted with correspondingly disharmonious ideas on our part. It is a protection of our subconscious that points us to the things that we do not want to experience and can subsequently begin to replace the idea with a harmonious idea (As I said, our imagination is reality). Well, fittingly, the moon in the zodiac sign Gemini could also benefit us (The moon changed to the zodiac sign Gemini at 05:40 a.m. that night), because its influences can give us a clear communicative mood overall. The focus is also on communication with ourselves, i.e. we could get more in touch with ourselves and subsequently check and correct our own behavior. It is not for nothing that the dialogue with oneself, and therefore the dialogue with one's own creation, is most important.

Forget the idea of ​​becoming someone - you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You just have to recognize it, realize it. – Osho..!!

And the clearer, purer and, above all, more high-frequency this communication is (in the purest), the more this shows us our inner clarity and strength. With that in mind, rise like a phoenix from the ashes. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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