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Full moon

With today's daily energy on March 07th, 2023, the influences of a powerful and above all healing full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo reach us, which in turn will complete profound processes of letting go. On the other hand, there is the sun in the zodiac sign Pisces, which means that within this constellation there is generally a very sensitive, gentle, but also in our own inner world drawing energy is in the foreground. After all, as the last zodiac sign in the zodiac cycle, we are energetically asked to delve deep into our own inner world in order to gain clarity about the life path that we would like to follow in the coming time.

Virgo full moon

Full moonBecause especially after the Pisces season, not only spring begins with the zodiac sign Aries, but also a time of new beginnings, the implementation and, above all, the manifestation of our own wishes and dreams. And it is similar with the current Virgo full moon. So this full moon also represents the last full moon this year (the true year – astrological year), just before spring is ushered in by the vernal equinox. For this reason, this full moon also gives us a very strong energy quality of letting go. It is particularly about letting go of all attachments, problems, painful thought structures and other unfulfilled events so that we can create space again for a state in which lightness and inner peace are manifest. As long as we keep our inner space filled with heavy energies, ballast and other density-based qualities and at the same time we still focus on disharmonious circumstances, along with the torment of not being able to let go of old or burdensome circumstances, then we can bear it not only keep this ballast in us, but we even increase its intensity (we let that flourish to which we give our energy - our focus draws). But just before spring and with it the true New Year begins, the Virgo full moon asks us to let go of old circumstances and inner, very harmful circumstances, so that we can enter this new phase of life full of vigour. Because of the Virgo zodiac sign, we are also being asked to invoke a state of grounding. It is about the manifestation of a regulated or rather healthy structure in life. With the Virgo zodiac sign, structure, order and health are always in the foreground.

Saturn moves to Pisces

Saturn in PiscesWell then, on the other hand, Saturn changes to the zodiac sign Pisces almost an hour later. This big change, which incidentally takes place every 2-3 years, brings with it very big changes overall, which in turn will show up strongly on a collective and also on a personal level in the coming time. Most recently or for the last 2-3 years, Saturn was in the zodiac sign Aquarius, for example, which essentially put our personal freedom and all the chains that came with it in the foreground. It was about our personal freedom and above all about the issues through which we lived out a state that in turn was permeated by bondage. Saturn itself, who ultimately stands for consistency, discipline and responsibility and is also often referred to as a strict teacher, ensures in the Pisces zodiac sign that we should find and develop our personal vocation. In particular, the life of our spiritual aspects is in the foreground here. It is therefore about the development of our spiritual and sensitive side instead of pursuing a contrary life. In the same way, the healing of our hidden parts will be in the foreground. As the twelfth and last character, this combination can also be seen as the final test. As such, we are entering a final phase of mastering or clearing our karmic patterns, repetitive loops, and deep shadows once and for all. Because of this, we will be going through great trials at this time, a time that can be all the easier the more we heal or have already healed these issues. It is therefore about mastering a great deal and also about developing our sensitive side. And this circumstance can be related 1:1 to the collective spirit or to the global level. We are therefore now entering a nearly 3-year phase in which a great many things can be decided. A phase that can fundamentally change our world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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