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daily energy

Today's daily energy on March 07th, 2019 is mainly shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, which is why things can still be intense, on the one hand because of the days before and after a new moon (and full moon) always have a significantly stronger intensity and on the other hand because yesterday's new moon felt like it had quite an effect.

Very strong new moon influences

daily energy

In this context, corresponding days have been perceived more and more intensively for months, on the one hand because within this time the collective consciousness has developed significantly or expanded significantly in new high-frequency directions and on the other hand because humanity has become significantly more sensitive, i.e. our systems For this reason, they now react much more sensitively to corresponding impulses. Ultimately, corresponding days are perceived as increasingly intense and disturbing (Transformation, cleansing or to put it another way: pure healing). Yesterday's new moon day topped it all off and felt like the strongest thing I've experienced in a long time in terms of intensity (It wasn't just me that felt this way; it was particularly brought up in a noticeable way in my immediate environment). It basically started the night before when I barely closed my eyes (despite a previously very difficult training session consisting of strength training, jogging and sprints), suffered from severe problems falling asleep and kept waking up. Countless feelings and moods rushed through my head/heart and made me experience a wide variety of states. The next day it didn't subside in any way, on the contrary, it felt like my mind was overactive and I went through highs and lows or all sorts of conditions. Whether emotional confrontations, inner conflicts, a strong urge to be physically active, an inner push, lack, abundance, I really felt like I experienced an endless number of states. Only a stay in nature allowed me to temporarily relax and was pure relaxation for me.

Planetary resonance frequency

Well, in the end it made clear to me personally the incredible intensity of yesterday (which was also accompanied by stronger anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency - see picture above) and I'm extremely excited to see what today will feel like. Whether it will be as intense again remains to be seen. Nevertheless, as always, anything is possible. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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