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Today's daily energy on July 07th, 2022 is, on the one hand, shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Libra, which in turn reached its crescent shape at 04:13 a.m. and has now entered the next phase on the way to the coming full moon. On the other hand, today is also a portal day, to be precise it is the first portal day of this month. The remaining July portal days reach us on the following days: On the 08th | 15. | 21. | 26. | and on July 29th. For this reason, today is a day that is energetically designed to show us unity, balance and, above all, the manifestation of an inner state of balance. 

Bring everything into balance

ScalesThe crescent in particular always shows us the unification of all extremes and, above all, dualitarian structures. This is how the moon appears, in which one side is brightly illuminated while the other side is hidden in darkness, yet both sides form the whole, that is, the unity, the maximum, the totality. For this reason, a crescent moon always encourages us to reach a state of harmony ourselves, especially in which we keep all of our inner parts in balance. In this context, we carry all potentials, worlds, possible states, possible circumstances, energies and forces within us, because our own field is all-encompassing and directly connected to the external world. Yes, in this respect the external world is even a direct expression of our own being, i.e. a direct image, rather than a world that takes place separately from our own inner state. All chaos that can be perceived externally, no matter how difficult it is to recognize, can only be traced back to the fact that chaos still exists in our inner world. The world is therefore also changing, as we ourselves are changing. Well, regarding our inner and outer world, there are ultimately two sides that make up our being as a whole. In exactly the same way, we have male and female parts within us, which we should also keep in a natural balance. Nevertheless, we usually pursue one extreme and as a result fluctuate between worlds. This circumstance affects many people and would like to be solved on our part so that we can enter a state of absolute balance and, above all, absolute inner peace. Only when we ourselves can fully revive equilibrium, only then can the external world enter a state of equilibrium, only then will we increasingly attract circumstances that in turn confirm our inner peace or even give us the feeling of being able to remain at peace.

Libra Moon and Portal Day

daily energy

Now and since today's crescent moon is also in the zodiac sign Libra, the aspect of balance is even more important, because the Libra star sign in particular wants to lead us into inner balance. In this context, the scales also represent the relationship with our fellow human beings or, more precisely, all connections in general. But at this point it should be said that all connections and interpersonal relationships only represent the connection or relationship with ourselves. Relationships that are still based on darkness, pain and problems on our part therefore remind us that there are aspects within the relationship with ourselves that in turn want to be healed. Today, the relationship with ourselves can also be illuminated more intensively, because everything wants to be brought into balance. And thanks to the portal day, we will experience these influences in their entirety more intensely, because portal days in particular allow us to perceive everything much more intensively. These are days that literally take us through a portal, on the other side of which a new state of consciousness or a new world awaits us. Let us therefore welcome today's energies and let the signs of the day approach us with full mindfulness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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