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Today's daily energy on July 07th, 2019 will continue to be shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo (good intellect, perspicacity, reliability, receptiveness and, above all, mindfulness) and on the other hand from the very strong energetic basic quality, which still leads us into the deepest levels of our own His leads in. We can currently experience a much more pronounced sensitivity; after all, our entire system is becoming more sensitive and tuning in to the high frequencies (this process is getting stronger day by day).

We are becoming more and more sensitive

We are becoming more and more sensitiveI myself also really notice the aspect of more pronounced sensitivity. Not only that, for example, I perceive smells, tastes, impulses or all experiences and circumstances - other people/places - much more intensively, i.e. much more intensely than usual (so strong that, for example, current three-hour train journeys to see my girlfriend always represent a small challenge - for me this means creating a new living situation for myself - a circumstance in which I no longer have to rely on corresponding journeys - How do you say: “A master is strong in every situation in life, in his senses, - nothing can affect his frequency - however, a master does not expose himself to circumstances that could in turn affect his frequency, - that is why he is also the master or a master of his incarnation, - his created living conditions are always based on a high frequency, on naturalness - he only creates high-frequency circumstances for himself - which cannot be otherwise, because his purity/liveliness/originality within is automatically transferred to the outer world and consequently attracts circumstances , which correspond to his inner world - he lives a life in abundance, he experiences circumstances that are based on abundance instead of lack - I will also create a detailed video on this, - i.e. in particular on the more pronounced sensitivity/changed perception in the current times), but also that completely new inner impulses/stimulations reach me. There is currently an extraordinary deepening of our creator existence and it is difficult to put into words how life-changing and, above all, consciousness-changing the current days are. Basically, so much is happening. I also know that each of you is currently experiencing incredible things and cannot put it all into words, i.e. it has become so much, all the daily experiences and sensory impressions are so magnified that you can't take it all in at all, let alone someone else can bring closer. Nevertheless, it is a nice development and makes it clear to us that not only have very special structures become manifest in the background, but that we are also being led more and more into new 5D circumstances; it is becoming more and more inevitable.planetary resonance frequency

Well, last but not least, I would like to address the planetary resonance frequency again, because we have had some stronger anomalies in this regard in the past few days. As can be seen in the picture above, stronger impulses reached us for a few hours on July 05th and 06th. At the end of the day there were more hours or moments that allowed us to experience new sensations. These hours were also accompanied by a flooding of our mind/body/spirit system, because there are/were strong frequencies that reached our systems. Well, the special thing about all of this is that the current energy quality is extremely intense throughout, which is why such resonant frequency moments then represent a “peak” and “intensify” the intensity. With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. Enjoy the energetically strong moments. 🙂

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