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Full moon

With today's daily energy on January 07th, 2023, the influences of a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Cancer (the full moon became manifest at 00:11 that night), which in turn is the first full moon this year and is called the wolf moon or ice moon. The Cancer full moon opposes the sun, which is still in the zodiac sign Capricorn, which results in a special mix of energy, especially due to the fact that the Capricorn sun also goes hand in hand with Mercury, which is currently retrograde. whereby a special energy of retreat is pending and we can obtain special insights from the Cancer full moon quality. It is a very reflective, grounding and calming energy that in turn affects us.

The energies of the ice/full moon

The energies of the full moonBecause of the Cancer zodiac sign, today is also a good time to immerse yourself in the flow of life. The water sign wants everything to flow and let us feel fullness and harmony, especially in relation to our own emotional life. Full moons, which generally stand for abundance, perfection, wholeness and maximality, show us the principle of the fundamental and, above all, always manifest abundance and can accordingly awaken the longing for completeness in us. And apart from a healing or unique and divine self-image, there is hardly anything more complete than being in harmony with yourself, i.e. with your own being and also with your own emotional world, instead of living out a strong imbalance in this regard again and again. As far as that is concerned, the moon also generally goes hand in hand with the illumination of our own emotional world. Above all, it can bring hidden feelings to the surface and, especially in its complete form, illuminate deep or unresolved feelings on our part. Today's Cancer full moon in turn favors a very sensitive and family/connection-oriented emotional world. The energy can become manifest in ourselves to want to see or even experience our loved ones. Empathy or compassion can be very important. Perhaps the Cancer full moon will also show us circumstances in which we have managed to change an unfulfilled family situation, for example. Either way, this full moon addresses our own range of emotions very strongly.

Sun in Capricorn

Sun in CapricornDue to the Earth's solar energy (Capricorn) we could approach our own emotional life rationally or rather carefully. And due to the current retrograde Mercury, which is also associated with the Capricorn Sun, we should also take this to heart. In general, communicative and analytical processes are slowed down and we are in a phase in which progress, which we derive from a state of reflection and seclusion, is strongly favored. We shouldn't rush into anything, but draw strength from the calm in order to be able to move forward with caution afterwards or after the declining phase. Appropriately, we are generally still in the deep winter phase. The second month of January is always accompanied by a deep rest and can draw us into special introspection processes. Well then, let's continue to heed this quality of energy and indulge in calm. Today's full moon day will hold a powerful energy quality in store for us and once again illuminate our energy system. A special magic reaches us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂



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