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Today's Daily Energy on February 07, 2019 On the one hand, it is still influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, which is why moods continue to be favored that, as mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article, are generally sensitive, dreamy and spiritual in nature. On the other hand, the preliminary influences of tomorrow's portal phase are certainly also having an impact on us. In this context, starting tomorrow we will have 10 portal days in a row (from February 08th to 17th), which is why we are now entering a ten-day, high-energy phase.

Special week and a half

Special week and a halfThe last portal day phase/series reached us in July last year and was accompanied by extremely potent influences/impulses (Corresponding phases are always accompanied by countless new impulses, changes in one's own mind and special insights, whether arising from disharmonious or even harmonious circumstances - experience has shown that many people always report special experiences - very often experienced, as is the case with most of them certainly you too). In this regard, portal days also stand for days on which increased influences reach us, which in turn can have a serious influence on our own minds. Nevertheless, such days are always accompanied by special moods, which can sometimes be perceived as extremely mind-expanding and soothing, but on the other hand can also be perceived as restrictive and emotionally turbulent. As already mentioned very often, our personal topics that we are currently working on are included here (inner conflicts, current basic mood, living conditions, mental orientation and inner attitude - especially the attitude towards the portal days). These days also serve for collective development and are always accompanied by an acceleration, i.e. more people come into contact with topics/information that go hand in hand with the current intellectual change. On the other hand, we could consequently experience a deepening of our own spiritual development and become much more aware of our own creation (we as creation itself – space, truth, life, existence). Becoming whole is the key word here.

The mind sets the limits. As long as you can imagine in your mind that you can do something, you can do it as long as you believe in it 100 percent. - Arnold Schwarzenegger..!!

As has been mentioned frequently lately, everything is moving towards our own becoming whole (Healing process|Heart opening|Maturation|Wisdom|Love), which also involves breaking all self-imposed boundaries (everything is possible and can be experienced or only not if we deny ourselves corresponding experiences due to our own limitations, - that is not possible/that is not possible, - limiting/destructive belief system, - but because of our spirit or our creative abilities, EVERYTHING is possible - we can create anything, only the mind, which should act as a tool, gives us, during a temporary subconscious identification, the impulse that something is not possible. We then also lack a corresponding idea of ​​why a corresponding circumstance would be realizable/experienceable). The completion of this process, which in turn is predetermined or possible for the current years, is getting closer and closer and the coming portal day phase will certainly make us move more towards it, especially if we open ourselves up to it spiritually. With this in mind, take advantage of today and welcome the upcoming portal day series. We can draw an incredible amount of positive impulses from the influences. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 07th, 2019 – Start every moment feeling like a new person
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