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With today's daily energy on December 07th, on the one hand, the energies of the provisional full moon reach us, because early in the morning of tomorrow a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Gemini will reach us. The highly magical influences of this full air moon are already affecting us and we can feel the strong currents, which in turn have a deep influence exert on our mind, body and soul system. A strong buoyancy energy, through which we can feel a great desire for lightness, is therefore on a direct path to us.

The second portal day this month

daily energyOn the other hand, the energies of a portal day are reaching us today. So we are experiencing a powerful transition towards the full moon. We pass through a large gate or portal that will lead us directly into the powerful energy of the full moon. Ultimately, this will reinforce all the prevailing influences, because we generally take everything much more intensively, especially on portal days. The veils to our true being are significantly thinner, we are generally more receptive to profound impulses and can feel an even more pronounced tendency towards moments of synchronicity. Of course, in the current extremely accelerated phase of collective awakening, in which further barriers are being broken down within our own field, we are generally experiencing many moments of synchronicity and coincidence. We are connected to the depths and experience an unbelievable acceleration within our everyday lives (Everything passes extremely quickly, just as our own being changes at a remarkable pace) and notice that all of our circumstances and levels change within a few days and weeks.

Face the full moon with full awareness

Face the full moon with full awarenessWe are in one of the strongest phases of unmasking ever. Rarely has the prevailing energy quality been so strong and mind-altering. And yet today's portal day will reinforce all these influences and prepare us energetically for tomorrow's full moon. We can therefore be curious to see to what extent the preliminary full moon influences will reach us and, above all, what special self-knowledge we will gain. High magic days are upon us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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