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Today's daily energy on December 07th, 2017 will be accompanied by another strong energetic boost after yesterday's portal day and can continue to shake up our own mind/body/spirit system. On the other hand, today's daily energy is also about reflection and can show us our own beliefs, convictions and actions in a special way.


Another huge boost

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

Another huge increase

Depending on the quality of our current state of consciousness, high frequency circumstances can generally show us all types of behavior and serve as a mirror, as they transport all of our shadow parts into our daytime consciousness and ask us to provide space for more harmony or high frequencies. Otherwise, as has been mentioned many times, we would remain permanently in a low frequency and would not be able to master a transition into the 5th dimension, i.e. into a higher state of consciousness. The current high-energy circumstance, which is in the process of transporting us into a golden age, inevitably leads to a real liberation process and ensures that we humans recognize and discard/redeem all of our negative parts, which then makes it possible for us again to to become spiritually free. All of our self-imposed mental blockages consistently encourage us to stay in a low frequency and rob us of our freedom. We cannot be completely free, we cannot focus on the present moment and instead draw suffering from past conflict situations, i.e. situations from which we cannot yet separate ourselves. Letting go is therefore, as always, a key word.

Only when we humans let go of all past conflict situations and release them will it be possible for us to create space for harmonious life situations..!! 

Only when we can let go of our past or all negative past situations, only then will it be possible for us to create space for something new, or rather for new, harmonious and happy life situations, only then will it be possible to live a more carefree life again to be able to lead.

Little going on in the starry sky

Little going on in the starry skyFor this reason, life always serves us as a mirror of our own inner state and how we see/perceive the world is also the nature of our own inner state. The world we perceive is an immaterial/mental projection of our own state of consciousness and subsequently always serves as a reflector. On the other hand, today's daily energy is still accompanied by a sextile between Mars and Saturn (sextile = harmonious connection), a harmonious constellation that will last until tomorrow and gives us great endurance, resilience, boldness, enterprise, courage and can bring a feeling of tirelessness. Otherwise, in the morning, at 10:01 a.m. to be precise, we received a connection between the Moon and Venus (trine = harmonious aspect), which was a very positive aspect with regard to our love or even our married life. During this time, our sense of love was able to be at the forefront and a greater ability to adapt prevailed. At 18:10 p.m., however, a tense opposition between the Moon and Jupiter (opposition = tense aspect) will reach us, i.e. a constellation that can trigger a tendency for extravagance and waste in us.

The effect of the star constellations today can be intensified due to the strong energetic increase..!!

This constellation can also cause conflicts and disadvantages in romantic relationships. As far as our organs are concerned, bile and liver are very vulnerable from this point onwards, which is why alcohol and a diet that is too high in fat or unnatural would be anything but beneficial. On the whole, however, not many star constellations reach us and the day is largely dominated by the huge energetic boost that reached us today. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/7

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