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With today's daily energy on April 07th, 2023, we are receiving on the one hand the lingering influences of yesterday's full moon, which in turn only changed this morning, at 08:26 a.m. to be precise, into the zodiac sign Scorpio and thus gives us influences through the hidden Shares on our part come to the surface. So the Scorpio sign is always accompanied by the uncovering of hidden information or everything is brought to light under this sign. This can happen in a positive or negative sense, i.e. the scorpion can also trigger deep pain points with its sting. And since the moon almost always is still in its complete form, we can feel these Scorpio influences more strongly (Incidentally, a Scorpio moon is always associated with the strongest energy - plants have the highest energy density on full Scorpio moons).

The energy of Good Friday

The Return of the Christ Consciousness State

Good FridayOn the other hand, the energy of Good Friday will continue to affect us throughout the day, or this quality of energy will even be present across the board. For that matter, we are now within the three holy days (Triduum Sacrum - which, by the way, already began yesterday Maundy Thursday - the Last Supper), which symbolically represent the downfall or suppression and subsequent resurrection of the Christ consciousness. These days carry a sacred energy quality (Regardless of the fact that early Christianity was consciously burdened with false information, especially by the church, most church festivals essentially contain a deep truth - just that one speaks of “holy days” and therefore the energy of holiness is present, – is spoken or even thought, illustrates the influence) and show us the overarching advancement process. It is the path described from density to lightness. First of all, we were all in a very mentally limited state. On the other hand, our hearts were closed. Prejudicial, exclusionary and disharmonious conditioning burdened our minds. The energy of the Christ consciousness state is almost not developed at all in this phase. But as you find yourself in the beginning process of awakening, you can step by step move out of this awareness of lack and into a holy or healing state of consciousness. And the current three holy days reflect exactly this process. It is the suffering and suppression of the purest state of consciousness that is resurrected in the following days. The main focus on Good Friday is to commemorate the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

A highly magical process

A divine plan is taking placeIn a deeper sense, as already mentioned, this crucifixion represents the suppressed Christ consciousness, whose development was subjugated and destroyed with all its might. The whole thing then continues until Easter, the day when the Christ Consciousness rises and appears once again in its full divine garment. It is therefore the transition from 3D to 5D. Attempting to suppress light, with the end result being an almost impossible task and at the end of the day the light or divinity returns completely (makes the world shine). And we should keep this fact in mind again and again. Regardless of the dark picture that keeps being painted for us, the bottom line is that the ascension process is unstoppable. The complete healing of the collective consciousness is happening every second and a golden world is becoming manifest. It is a highly magical process that takes place and we should never doubt it, on the contrary, doubts are sown much more so that we maintain an opposite reality. So let us welcome the energies of today and, above all, remember that we are all in a healing process of ascension. The world is rising and the most healing conditions are returning. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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