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Today's daily energy on April 07th, 2020 will be shaped on the one hand by the preliminary influences of tomorrow's super full moon in the zodiac sign Libra (The full moon reaches its “complete” form at 4:35 a.m) and on the other Page from the energies of advancement, transformation and, above all, upheaval that continue to influence us. For this reason, today, in terms of energy intensity alone, it will be extremely intense, clarifying and consciousness-expanding.

Transition to a new world

Preliminary Super Full Moon InfluencesWell, the last mentioned aspect, i.e. the expansion of consciousness, is currently taking place across the board and reaches the entire collective. The collective awakening process is currently reaching its peak and is permeating the entire system. Over the past few decades, and especially within the past decade as much of the masses have gradually awakened, fundamental steps have been taken that have prepared our human civilization for a full 5D Ascension. The scale became so great that the beginning of the golden decade, i.e. the first months of this decade, saw the entire human race shoot into a new, high-frequency world at a tremendous pace. NOW is the time when the system will completely change and we will experience a direct transition into the golden age. It's not for nothing that the first months of this decade were extremely cleansing, it's not for nothing that so many people are waking up at the moment and it's not for nothing that I'm currently receiving the strongest impulses in this regard.

Information flooding & further development

Apart from the fact that I am currently (completely intuitive) flooded with highly important impulses and information and absorbed everything with curiosity like a child (During my spiritual awakening, I repeatedly experienced phases in which I exposed myself to a great flood of information without feeling overwhelmed, i.e. I expanded my mind in countless new directions. This was then followed by a period of calm in which this curiosity and flood of information subsided until the whole thing repeated itself), I have NEVER been so confronted with the fact that the world is now being completely freed from its deep sleep and all shadow structures are being revealed. This isn't just about information that reaches me from all over the world (whereby the external world is ultimately a reflection of one's own inner world/mind, oneself is everything and everything is oneself, which is why one gives oneself information, which in turn comes from the source, namely oneself - oneself has Creating everything is everything and always will be everything - DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS), but mainly about my intuition, i.e. my inner voice, which tells me this message very clearly.

Planetary resonance frequency

In the past few days, the Russian Space Observing Center in Tomsk has recorded extremely strong anomalies and abnormalities. This significantly supports and pushes the current incredibly VIOLENT awakening process..!!

We are in the midst of the greatest change of all and are experiencing a rise of the collective spirit - we are experiencing a humanity that is freeing itself from the shadow of its own lower self-image, questioning the true background of the world/the system/their life and in the process finding itself again finds back - endless love for the current days.

Preliminary Super Full Moon Influences

And the special thing about it is that this powerful awakening process takes on more powerful features every day. When I go to sleep I know that the next morning I will experience a world in which even more people are waking up or have woken up. Well, tomorrow's full moon in the zodiac sign Libra represents an energetic highlight this month and will 100% be accompanied by incredibly strong energy, especially since we are also dealing with a super full moon here. Ultimately, this means a full moon that has reached its closest point to the earth and therefore has a maximum effect on us (which is why a corresponding full moon shines significantly brighter and appears much larger in the night sky). The Libra star sign, which is often associated with relationships and the pursuit of balance, will also shed light on our respective issues, that's for sure. Above all, the focus will be on the relationship with ourselves, because all relationships with other people, be it a life partner or even a casual acquaintance, only reflect the relationship with ourselves. The full moon will therefore release profound structures/energies within us that go along with this issue. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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