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Today's daily energy on April 07th, 2019 is shaped on the one hand by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Taurus yesterday at noon at 15:05 p.m. and on the other hand by the preliminary portal day energies. In this context, reach out to us namely tomorrow is the first portal day of this month (further portal days reach us on: April 11th, 16th, 19th and 27th).

Preliminary portal day energies

Preliminary portal day energiesFor this reason, tomorrow will once again bring us extraordinarily strong energies and flood our own mind/body/soul system with cleansing frequencies (Light food - medicinal herbs, vegetables, sprouts & lots of fresh water - rest/meditation and spending time in nature make it easier to deal with the corresponding energies). But today will also bring us correspondingly stronger energies, after all, the days before and after a portal day are of a special nature, similar to the case with new and full moons. At the same time, the Taurus Moon also affects us. In this context, the Taurus Moon favors influences through which, depending on our own spiritual orientation, we can relate to our fellow human beings/family circumstances in a relaxed manner (and precarious living conditions) could react. Apart from that, the moon in the zodiac sign Taurus also stands for peace, relaxation, community, patience and also for persevering behavior, which means that we can persevere in everyday tasks, tasks and, above all, projects. Other influences would be, like the site astroschmid.ch describes the following:

“The Moon in Taurus reacts prudently to people and events. He usually doesn't react with emotional flashes in the pan or emotional outbursts, but rather approaches things calmly and leisurely. External stimulus is needed. It looks like indolence. But once you get Taurus Moon going, he shows what he can do with perseverance. He needs material security and a territory that belongs to him. Otherwise he will feel lost. He has good abilities to deal with finances and does not get bogged down in material interests. He arouses sympathy among his fellow human beings through his friendliness, charm and warmth. He loves sociability and, once he has served his time, can often find it hard to stop. He needs a firmly anchored environment. He has a sense of beauty, of music, of everything enjoyable. These are polite, friendly, sensible and just-thinking people. They show perseverance and also some stubbornness. The Taurus Moon can carry out great undertakings thanks to its persistent commitment. But he can also be phlegmatic and over-indulgent (food).”

Well, at the end of the day the Taurus Moon influences can also be experienced even more strongly, simply because the portal day energies strengthen all influences. But what exactly we will experience and what moods we will experience depends entirely on ourselves and the orientation of our own mind. In conclusion, I can only emphasize one thing again: “The best conditions currently exist to fully realize oneself. Everything is possible and can be experienced. We can not only find ourselves, but also, along with this, fully realize ourselves (a reality in which we experience complete abundance). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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