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With today's daily energy on November 06th, 2022, the influences of the Aries moon continue to reach us, on the one hand, through which we could experience an extremely impulsive, direct and above all fiery emotional life, and on the other hand, we experience the preliminary energies of the coming lunar eclipse (in two days). So we are now in the midst of the preliminary phase and can therefore already feel its strong effects. In this context, the coming total lunar eclipse also ties directly to the past Scorpio solar eclipse and will thus complete an important phase of transformation and becoming whole.

Two days until the lunar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse in TaurusAfter all, eclipses always come with strong liberating energies that call us directly to end old and burdensome prisons or limiting situations and/or mental structures. We can hardly escape this profound magic. It is such a powerful quality of energy that our entire system is profoundly addressed. All of our cells or light bodies are being infused with this powerful force, which will release some old programs within our own space. In essence, one could also speak of a great liberation, through which our own development process is massively activated. But not only our own development process is massively set in motion, the entire collective is addressed in the same way. It is about overarching shackles that are being released, i.e. limiting circumstances that are part of the existing matrix structure and are responsible for keeping the collective bound to a stressful mental state. But freedom wants to be experienced, on all levels of existence. Human civilization is rebelling more and more against the oppressive mechanisms and is about to break free from its cocoon.

A highly healing phase

A cycle is completedIt is the ascension into a divine civilization and this elevation will now be taken to a new level by the total lunar eclipse. In this regard, there are also three factors through which we can accomplish our ascension process. On the one hand, a completely awake, sanctified and limitless mind (the holy of holies of self-image, being able to imagine everything – the highest states and abilities – no more mental limitations), a completely open heart (True love for self, the world and nature and the animal kingdom - casting off all grudges and judgments - high level of ethical and moral development) and also a completely pure state (free from all attachments, addictions, dark strivings and generally impure behaviors, thoughts and habits). Eclipses serve to achieve the corresponding states immensely. They release deep strains from our system and confront us with hidden strains and traumas so that we can heal them to reach a completely pure state. For this reason we are now in a highly healing phase. It is about a significant transformation process and we can therefore look forward to the corresponding energy quality. A special magic unfolds. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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