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Today's daily energy on November 06th, 2019 is characterized by a lunar change, i.e. the moon changed to the zodiac sign Pisces at 00:12 a.m. (Sensitivity, dreaminess, sensitivity, sensitivity & depth) and has given us new impulses ever since (apart from the fact that we are now heading towards a full moon - on November 12th) and on the other hand from energetic influences, which on the one hand could make us very relaxed, calm and introspective (Winter is approaching – your own mental life is in the foreground), but on the other hand also very important for implementation, because as already mentioned many times, we are in the final months of this decade - we are heading towards the golden decade and will subsequently clean up by the end of the year (to create an inner world characterized by harmony, abundance and balance), countless own shadow parts.

Healing of our primal wounds

Healing of our primal woundsUltimately, this provides the appropriate space for a completely high-frequency state. The corresponding comprehensive cleaning is therefore essential and sets the course for the coming period. In particular, our primal emotional wounds are exposed and want to be completely healed. This is why the days are so intense at the moment, because we ourselves are being asked to let our own completeness become permanently manifest (Of course, we are always complete, but corresponding feelings of completeness are not permanently present due to our own shadows and problems, i.e. this completeness is only felt in certain moments - through the complete entry into our self-love, realized through maximum self-overcoming and mastering of all earthly dependencies , impurities, problems, etc. a lasting experience of completeness, as the origin itself, can be experienced again - mastering one's own incarnation). We are currently experiencing cleaning on the greatest scale ever. The same applies to the most energetic time of all. Despite the coming winter and the seclusion that comes with it, we are experiencing an increase in energy that has NEVER been the case before. For this reason, collective further development is currently being massively deepened. And in terms of a chain reaction, countless people are drawn into spiritual awakening.

Over the past few years, and especially over the past few months, we have all achieved incredible things. The collective awakening process has taken on the greatest possible features, which is why the manifestation of a fair/golden world, despite chaotic circumstances outside - which often makes it difficult to recognize, is emerging more and more strongly from the shadow of the old world. In the last two months of this decade, the final steps will be taken in the process of spiritual awakening. More people will wake up, so many, so that we will all enter the coming golden decade with incredible energy. It is inevitable - we are now experiencing the finale of a long, intensive and knowledgeable phase. The world has changed faster this decade than ever before. And this speed will now be increased to the power. The new world is currently being created by us..!!

Those who have been going through the process of spiritual awakening for years are now once again heading towards a frequency state. A condition in which maximum healing occurs (the knowledge of one's own origin/source) takes on major features on all levels of existence - after becoming conscious, adaptation in the external world always follows). Today will also follow this and allow us to continue to feel this profound change. In addition, we will continue to experience countless situations and moments that show us exactly this change. The current development is extreme and the energy is gigantic. And the special thing about it is that from day to day the energy, concentrated until the end of the year, experiences the greatest possible increase. For us this only means one thing: “We are in the process of healing ourselves completely”. The full use of our creative powers is realized. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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