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Today's daily energy on November 06th stands for our own actions, for gaining new experiences, which gives us a better understanding of our own lives and ultimately understanding again what is conducive to our further development and what is not. In this context, it is often difficult for us humans to take action. Rather than actively reshaping our own reality (we are the creators of our own reality), we remain in a state of dreaming and mentally envisioning the effects of certain actions, but without realizing these actions.

Take action

Take actionThinking about life, thinking, dreaming or even thinking about what would be beneficial for one's own mental and spiritual development can of course be very beneficial, but it is just as important to implement it after the time has passed to work on these considerations. Only when we realize corresponding thoughts again can we really get a picture of the corresponding effects. It is therefore important to get back into action, to actively work on realizing your own thoughts, if necessary even on your own heart's desires. In this context, we are also the smiths of our own happiness, we shape our own destiny and what we could draw back into our lives always depends on our own charisma, on what we are and what we think. Permanent dreaming can therefore also be very inspiring, but in order to be able to attract the corresponding things using the law of resonance, to change one's own spiritual orientation, to be able to embark on new paths in life, it is important to initiate the first steps again. The motto should therefore be “just do it”, “just do it”, “just implement it”, simply work actively on shaping our lives again.

Because of our own mind, which in turn works like a strong magnet, we can attract things into our lives that also correspond to our own ideas. However, this principle is often misunderstood or, more accurately, misapplied. Firstly, we don't actively work on realizing our own wishes and secondly, we usually act out of a lack of awareness..!!

The desires of our hearts do not come true by themselves, but this fulfillment ultimately always depends on the use of our own mental abilities, on our own doing, instead of on wishes that are linked to an awareness of lack (lack creates more lack, abundance creates more abundance ).

Moon in the zodiac sign Gemini

Moon in the zodiac sign Gemini

Otherwise, today's daily energy is also determined by a waning moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which means that our emotional life could easily swing back and forth and as a result we could react more clearly to changes in the environment. Apart from that, one is also more inclined to work out a solution for each individual problem instead of generally making fundamental decisions. On the other hand, a hard aspect of tension still exerts an influence on us humans today, and so the Moon and Neptune are square (square = 2 celestial bodies that are at an angle of 90 degrees to each other in the sky/ tense nature). This constellation exerts a rather disturbing influence on us humans and could even trigger a certain imbalance or nervous behavior. In exactly the same way, this tension constellation can also mean that we find it more difficult today to get involved with other people or even to rely on others. On the other hand, this constellation also promotes dreamy dispositions in general, could lead to a more passive attitude, make us oversensitive or just make us more imbalanced. The tension square of the Moon and Neptune can also make us stubborn and, above all, cause us to act more uncontrolled and hasty.

Due to today's tension square of the Moon and Neptune, we should definitely use the communication skills favored by the Gemini Moon to avoid arguments and other disagreements..!! 

Nevertheless, all of this could be balanced out by the Gemini Moon and the increased ability to communicate that comes with it. This in turn makes it easier for us to explain our point of view, which makes it easier for us to avoid quarrels and other disagreements. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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