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Today's daily energy on May 06th, 2019 is mainly shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon & portal day and is therefore still all about clearing up/resolving old conflicts and, above all, manifestation new living conditions. The energies are highly transformative in nature and can flush our entire mind/body/spirit system in a special way.

Lingering new moon influences

Lingering new moon influencesAnything that is not in harmony or all of our heavy energies are then in the process of leaving our system, which sometimes feels like a very challenging and intensive process. Everything shakes us and the light-filled impulses flow through all of our cells. Of course, this process can also be very painful (Just as I described it in yesterday's daily energy article, a special letting go process on my part - which incidentally today, after a lot of suffering, led to another realization through which I in turn became completely free inside, it was more violent than that day before, only this time it was a true relief that complete admission/recognition of a primal pattern, namely my fear of loss, through which I first created a huge loss, but was able to resolve it through the realization - I thought that would have been the case the day before , but it wasn't, it was only yesterday that I was able to do this after hours of suffering and as I said, I'll go into everything in detail and explain it, everything will follow ^^), Nevertheless, everything serves our further development and, above all, the overcoming of our biggest and most blocking patterns, namely our primal fears, through which we prevent ourselves from manifesting a spiritual state based on abundance and, above all, on self-love. It is therefore still about ending our biggest conflicts.

Everything we do for ourselves, we also do for others, and everything we do for others, we also do for ourselves. - Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

At the same time, the moon is now in its waxing phase again, which means that we automatically move towards the manifestation of our newfound strength outside, until the full moon, especially if we have been able to overcome our conflicts. We should therefore now clear up/let go of all conflicts so that we can then develop love for ourselves again. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂 

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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