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Today's daily energy on June 06th, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the moon, which in turn is present in the zodiac sign Cancer, but in the evening, at 21:14 p.m. to be precise, changes to the zodiac sign Leo and from then on favors moods, which go hand in hand with self-realization, pronounced life energy, self-confidence, joy of life and strong optimism.

Change is happening

Change is happeningBefore that, we could take a closer look at our own mental life and indulge in dreamy moods (at least if we are attuned to it or resonate with the influences). Meditative states are therefore worth mentioning here, because these healing states in which we completely surrender to peace and harmony are a real balm for our entire mind/body/spirit system. As I said, everything affects our organism. All sensations flow into our cell environment and influence its structure, just as is the case with our DNA, which is why corresponding states are extremely healing, completely in line with our origin - which is based on healing, life energy and health. Well, at the same time, the incredible basic energy also affects us, through which a change continues to take place that cannot be put into words in any way. In doing so, we fully reach our origins, i.e. our primal energy, and can bring our entire life into complete harmony. The collective state of consciousness is experiencing an unprecedented quantum leap and all old structures are in the process of being completely dissolved, these are truly unique days friends. Ultimately, the collective awakening even takes on a completely new direction. A new consciousness arises, a spirit that not only finds its way back to its origins, but also develops its maximum potential.

The true light is the light that bursts forth from within the human soul, that reveals to others the secret of his soul and makes others happy so that they sing in the name of the Spirit. – Khalil Gibran..!!

As I said, each of us is incredibly powerful, unique, true, the source itself and can subsequently trigger a huge “shift” when we have found our way back to ourselves. EACH OF YOU is therefore extremely important and initiates the golden age, especially in which it is felt internally, in which all doubts are dissolved and we subsequently reach the maximum (to which we are entitled) Dip in the fullness. It is pure magic that prevails and we can currently achieve anything, can realize all our dreams. Change is happening. A new level of existence is reached. A level characterized by self-love, inner strength, maximum abundance, wisdom and divinity. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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