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Today's daily energy on July 06th, 2018 is still shaped by the influences of the portal day series, to be precise by the influences of the fourth portal day, which is why today can also be very energetic in nature, i.e. apart from internal conflicts that reach our own daily consciousness (frequency adjustment to that of the earth), we can be much more sensitive. We could also feel extremely alive and dynamic, although of course the orientation and nature of our current state of consciousness also influences this.

The fourth portal day

The fourth portal dayOn the other hand, the influences of the moon are also very present in the zodiac sign Aries. “Aries moons” generally represent our sense of responsibility, astuteness, vigor, vitality and assertiveness. For this reason, we could have significantly more “life energy” (and motivation) overall and also have greater confidence in our own abilities. Due to our greater assertiveness and increased sense of responsibility, we can now also master difficult matters. Ultimately, unpleasant activities - which we may have been putting off for a few weeks or even months - could be carried out more easily than usual. We take responsibility for our actions and master challenges with flying colors. Thanks to the “Aries Moon”, we could react quickly and decisively to various situations in life. An increased need for independence and self-responsibility will benefit us and will help us make decisions that have a positive impact on our lives. We are open to new life circumstances and have a positive attitude towards new experiences. For this reason, in combination with the portal day influences, at least if we react well to them, we could benefit greatly from our own creative powers. Well, apart from these influences, we also receive the energies of two different star constellations.

Once you stop holding on to something and let things be, you will be free, even from birth and death. You will transform everything. – Bodhidharma..!!

In this context, a trine between the Moon and Mercury took effect at 00:38 a.m., which generally stands for a great ability to learn, a good mind, quick wit, talent for languages ​​and good judgment. The next constellation will only come into effect at 20:53 p.m. and will be a square between the Moon and Pluto, which represents extreme emotional life and heavy inhibitions. Nevertheless, it should be said that the portal day influences and especially the pure influences of the Aries Moon will predominate, which is why we are facing a day in which we could feel quite energetic and lively. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Juli/6

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