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Today's daily energy on February 06th, 2020 is still shaped by the strong energies of the second month of the golden decade and leads us even more deeply into the healing of our own spirit and thus into our own self-realization. The focus here is particularly on the overarching roots of a current state, i.e. a state that in which we are present in the NOW, i.e. in which we act, are active, pursue the realization of our favorite/highest-frequency ideas and consequently do not sink into grief, fears, sadness, destructiveness and unproductivity.

Healing of our spirit

Healing of our spiritAdmittedly, one is always present in the present, because the present, i.e. the eternal, always existing and constantly expanding moment, is constantly manifest. Even losing yourself in disharmonious ideas of past or even future scenarios happens within a present state, even if you can hardly feel it at a given moment. And as far as the healing of our mind is concerned, our own mind is already healed, after all, our mind and, as a result, our current reality, are only made up of the images, which in turn are based on our beliefs, convictions and, above all, our worldview. The fundamental point here is that we often have a low-frequency, small (We think of ourselves as small and are not able to live up to a great self-image as CREATORS) and bring to life shadow-heavy reality, i.e. we have expanded our own minds in directions that make us feel heavy, incomplete and unfulfilled.

You are God

For this reason, the knowledge of our own divine source is extremely important, because on the basis of this self-knowledge we begin to create a life in which we feel fulfilled, self-loving and happy (when one recognizes one's own divinity and knows that oneself is God and that one God, the creator of all things, then and now I repeat myself, simply because EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE takes place ONLY within our mind and only in the form of imagination and perception exists in ourselves - All other scenarios, i.e. what the world and a God could be about, are again just ideas about corresponding scenarios that we ourselves have brought to life - EVERYTHING ONLY exists in ourselves and was achieved through created ourselves, no one else did the creating for you, creation and creation always came about through yourself - or did another person create the circumstance for you in which you are reading this article? Only you have allowed the situation to come into your perception, i.e. into your mind - and you can transfer this principle to the entire existence. it is only based on circumstances and ideas that you have allowed to come into your perception, that you have created for yourself).

We are accompanied more and more into the light - shadows dissolve

Today's daily energy will also make us feel this circumstance very strongly and will also favor a circumstance through which we will strengthen our own highest self-image even more and thereby allow even more light into our lives, everything is currently designed for this and the coming days , in February, this aspect will intensify more and more. It is the main topic that will accompany us completely these days and it is simply wonderful. We become more and more responsible for ourselves, put aside more and more fears and rise completely. It is the ultimate climb. Well, last but not least, I would like to add to this topic, especially as it relates to self-healing and fears (primarily a natural diet and impulses about the coronavirus and why it can't harm us at all), also refer again to a new video of mine, which was published yesterday evening. As always, I'll link the video below this article. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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