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Today's daily energy on February 06th, 2019 is, at least from a "lunar" perspective, characterized by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, because the moon changed to the zodiac sign Pisces at 03:02 a.m. that night. The zodiac sign Pisces stands for a sensitive being, dreamy moods, restraint (Don't be in the foreground - devote yourself more to peace and quiet), empathy and a lively imagination.

Sensitive moods?!

Moon in PiscesIn the next two to three days, we could experience corresponding moods within ourselves and consequently immerse ourselves in our own mental life, whether specifically or automatically (depending on the basic mood and our own resonance). In exactly the same way, we could increasingly express our spiritual core or even immerse ourselves in a state of consciousness that is shaped by our soul or by our innermost merciful, intuitive, unprejudiced and sensitive being. In this context, every human being also has a corresponding core (based on love), just as every human being can become aware of their own divinity, simply because the core of our existence is of divine nature. Good and evil, i.e. polaritarian aspects, which only become manifest in our minds through our own perspectives, are nothing other than experiential polaritarian expressions of creation (the basic essence of our existence, i.e. spirit, which penetrates, shapes and draws everything, is essentially polarity-free. Polarity and duality arise much more from spirit, usually by looking at our lives from such perspectives. The same is true with space and time. The world we perceive arises from our mind and mind in turn is space-timeless, but the experience of space-time can be experienced based on appropriate perspectives). In this regard, there are no people who are fundamentally completely/purely evil and as a result have no soul parts; on the contrary, goodness, or better yet, soul/divine states, can be experienced by every person. Corresponding people only live through temporary conditions that are accompanied by darkness instead of light, i.e. they are experiences that are necessary for their incarnation and also lead to light at the end of the day (whether in this or subsequent incarnations).

In the state of inner connection you are much more attentive, more awake than when you are identified with your mind. You are fully present. And the vibration of the energy field that keeps the physical body alive is also increased. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

We all fulfill our own tasks and also follow our completely individual path. And no matter how rocky this path may be, no matter how many shadows temporarily obscure our path, at the end of the day this path also leads to the completion of our process of becoming whole (towards unity/to the source). Today's daily energy will therefore also be useful for our further development today and, due to the "Pisces Moon", will allow us to experience more sensitive moods, possibly even moods in which we feel a feeling of unity and love within us. Apart from that, everything is possible at the moment and we can perceive a very strong connection to everything that exists. The current phase is still highly energetic and mind-changing. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 06th, 2019 – The origin of your feelings
joy of life

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