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As mentioned in my article yesterday, today's daily energy on December 06th, 2017 is accompanied by a portal day and therefore gives us an energetic increase. As far as this is concerned, the energetic increase is enormous and we have achieved an increase that dwarfs yesterday's value. Due to this fact and the fact that there are still a lot of star constellations reaching us today, most of them even exciting star constellations, it is advisable to retreat a little and recharge your batteries.

Mega increase compared to the previous day

Measurements of Love - Energetic Increases

Source: http://www.praxis-umeria.de/kosmischer-wetterbericht-der-liebe.html

Due to this enormous energetic increase, our body/mind/spirit system has to process all the incoming frequency increases and in order to ensure the best possible processing, it is very advantageous if we firstly allow ourselves a little rest, secondly, not to overload ourselves too much and thirdly, ours Adjust your diet a little.Mega increase compared to the previous day High-vibration foods should therefore be on our agenda and it is important not to overload your body too much with energetically dense, i.e. unnatural, foods. Otherwise, our system not only has to process the high energetic situation, but also has to balance the heavy energies that we have then added to our body. The more there is an energetic imbalance in this context, the more our body has to compensate for this imbalance. For this reason, I will withdraw a little today and allow my body to rest for the most part. In this context, I also mentioned in yesterday's article about today's portal day that I have been in the last few days. i.e. I've been very exhausted since the super full moon, i.e. I've done a lot of sport and sometimes worked on projects until late at night.

Due to today's very strong energetic increase - due to the portal day, which is also accompanied by an extremely large number of star constellations, most of which are even full of tension, it is highly recommended not to expose yourself to too many stresses..!!

Because of this, I will be resting a lot, treating myself to a hot bath afterwards, drinking lots of fresh tea and ending the day like that. In this regard, it is always beneficial to take a little time out every now and then and recover from everyday stress. Due to today's strong energies and the rather tense circumstances, such a project is ideal.

Mostly exciting star constellations

Mostly exciting star constellationsSo already in the night at 02:06 a.m. an opposition (tense aspect) between the Moon and Pluto reached us, which could cause in us a one-sided, extreme emotional life, feelings of depression, a low-level self-indulgence and, above all, a tendency to illnesses. At 13:05 p.m. we also had a conjunction (can be tense but also harmonious depending on the constellation, in this case rather tense) between Mercury and Saturn, i.e. a constellation that makes us stubborn, quarrelsome, suspicious, resentful and materialistic and even caused us to have a tendency to pessmism and depression. This tense planetary constellation could even lead to arguments within the family. At 13:17 p.m. a square between the Moon and Uranus began to take effect, which can make us eccentric, headstrong, fanatical, exaggerated, irritable and moody. Mood swings, self-harm and derailments or inappropriate behavior could result. Only at 16:57 p.m. do we reach a harmonious connection again, namely between Mercury and Mars (sextile). This constellation gives us a positive and original mind, increased mental activity and also strengthens our practical dispositions. At 18:55 p.m. another tense constellation reaches us, namely between the Moon and Mars (opposition). Quarrelsomeness, quarrels with the opposite sex, repression of feelings and wastefulness in money matters can then be triggered by this constellation. At 21:37 p.m. the moon switches back to the zodiac sign Leo, which can make us dominant and self-confident. Since the lion is also the sign of self-expression, we could then also experience an outward orientation. Creativity, but also pleasure and enjoyment are then the focus.

Aside from the portal day, we are mostly reaching tense star constellations today, which is why we should not only avoid conflicts of any kind, but also give our mind/body/spirit system additional peace..!!

Last but not least, a harmonious connection between Mars and Saturn (sextile) reaches us again, which affects us for two days and can make us persistent, resilient, bold, courageous and enterprising. Loyalty and reliability could then be just as strong, but hardness and strictness also become noticeable. Overall, one can therefore say that there are a lot of star constellations at work today, most of which are of an exciting nature and will definitely be strengthened again by the strong influences of the portal day. For this reason, we shouldn't push ourselves too hard today, we should avoid conflicts and, if necessary, even take a rest. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/6

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