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Today's daily energy on August 06th, 2020 will continue to be accompanied by the influences of the Pisces Moon on the one hand, and on the other hand by the provisional Lion Portal frequencies that will be available to us in full on August 08.08th. will achieve in 2020 and last but not least from the general ascension, transformation and conversion energy quality, speak of the ever-increasing basic energy in the collective. Otherwise, the energy quality is still generally very stressful and can be perceived as extremely debilitating (Which is why in yesterday's daily energy article, in keeping with the Pisces Moon, I once again referred to our own inner center and how important it is that we always ground ourselves in these times and thereby achieve balance).

Fall of the Cabal

Shocks in the worldUltimately, we must not forget at this point that we are in a phase in which an old destructive system is experiencing its last breaths and a new world is rising from the ashes of this old system. But the death or transformation of this old system (3D – The Matrix), is accompanied by the final final screams at the end of the day. And these outcries are, for example, noticeable in countless mistakes, which in turn are made by the cabal or the string pullers. The same also applies to the associated implementation of some actions that are intended to implement a new world order with all their might and maximum speed. But all actions only bring about the opposite and accelerate the ascension process immensely. As I said, the awakening has now reached gigantic proportions. Hardly anyone can escape this massive pull and not a day goes by without someone starting to question the existing pseudo-system.

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2020 in particular has clearly shown this fact, i.e. on the one hand the attempt to suppress the collective spirit, but on the other hand also the resulting hasty actions, which in turn brought about a strong rethinking. For this reason, there has never been a year in which so much has happened. 2020 cannot even begin to be compared to any other year.

Shocks in the world

Well, there are still countless attempts to throw the world out of balance in this regard. Lebanon is the perfect example here. Even if the mass media talks about ignited ammonium nitrate, it is also crystal clear that a targeted attack on Lebanon ultimately took place; in itself it is even completely obvious - the shared videos show it directly to you (Of course, such attempts by the cabal are ALWAYS twisted and bent in favor of these string pullers, even if the lie is directly exposed by various truth movements). There is talk of an attack by Israel, a country in which a large demonstration against all the crimes of the cabal also took place at the weekend (All over the world people are rebelling). The attack is intended to serve as a diversionary tactic and extend the power of a few powerful masterminds, even if there is certainly more to it. At this point I'll also quote a section from the page love-the-whole.blogspot.com:

“Yesterday the darkest and most evil Israeli-Zionist cabal led by Netanyahu hit Beirut with a nuclear missile. The first explosion of Beirut port was caused by Israel's Gabriel anti-ship missile. The second explosion was caused by Israel's F16 Delilah missile with a nuclear warhead. This photo shows the flight of the Israeli nuclear missile (see article linked above).

Why did this happen?

Very easy! I have already informed you that the most evil, big, ugly Reptilians (Draco), who were the masters of the human race and who have enslaved and killed humans like cattle throughout history, were eliminated by us on June 10, 2020.

Since then, the human cabal has been in turmoil, especially the Israeli Zionist cabal, which is at the core of all crimes and genocides on this planet. The leader of the Zionist cabal is Netanyahu, who is probably the most evil person on the planet. It has been the source of all wars and crimes in the Middle East and elsewhere in recent decades. I have reported on this in the past, particularly in relation to the war in Syria.

He has been fomenting war with Hezbollah for several years now, while at the same time being afraid to attack them directly, since Hezbollah has accumulated so many rockets and other powerful weapons since the last war with Israel in 2006 that this resistance organization has every part Israel can reach and destroy without the Israeli army and defense system being able to protect the country and its citizens. This is well known, especially since Hezbollah virtually defeated Israel in the 2006 war and this is Israel's greatest trauma in its short history, which is now coming to an end.

This weekend saw the largest protest yet in Jerusalem with over 10.000 demonstrators demonstrating against Netanyahu. The population demanded the arrest and prosecution of this criminal wrongdoer: over 10.000 people rallied against Netanyahu in Jerusalem in the largest protest rally to date. The noose around this worst Zionist's neck has been tightening for some time, and now even the people of Israel are beginning to wake up and demand justice. Netanyahu knows his days in power are numbered and decided to respond with this terrible crime. He vandalized the port and center of Beirut to distract from his other crimes at home, for which he was effectively exposed.”

I myself know that such articles are a great target for mass media institutions and their supporters (Followers = system guardians = people who blindly believe the mainstream and defend the system with all their might. System critics and enlighteners are deliberately exposed to ridicule, discredited and defamed as conspiracy theorists, words that come from psychological warfare in order to silence people who could be dangerous to the existing pseudo-system. You yourself exclude people who in turn have an opinion that does not correspond to your own conditioned and mass media-influenced world view - and then you claim that you yourself have no right-wing/intolerant/exclusionary ideas, a paradox that I always draw attention to ...but well, more and more people are seeing through this too - incidentally, a serious point through which you keep denying yourself the opportunity to expand your own horizons, because you yourself ridicule everything that doesn't conform to the system and thus keep you captive own spirit upright), especially when terms like Drako and co. be used (Drako, Alpha Draconian = Those who want to keep the world in captivity, Cabal etc. - there is countless information about it - this too should always be viewed from an unprejudiced state of consciousness, otherwise, i.e. if we reject everything outright, then we remain stuck a state in which we ourselves reject everything that does not conform to mass media - it is the eternal cycle of intellectual limitations), but there is still a lot of truth here, especially since it is now known that Israel controls an incredible amount (This control also goes much deeper, not Netanyahu or various families, but entities that operate completely from the dark).

The world is waking up

Well, despite all these shocking events and despite all the suffering they caused, we should all remember that all major events and attacks only make the world wake up even more. There is no doubt that this attack will reveal a lot of truths and will continue to advance global exposure. In the meantime, we can only wish all the people living there the best and hope that the situation will stabilize again quickly. With that in mind, I'm out again for today. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • xyz 6. August 2020, 7: 34

      I have always thought very highly of your site and have always found the contributions very enriching, but I find quoting “Reptilians” a bit questionable. Of course you should always be open to other people's opinions, but what I've actually always really appreciated about this site is that you report relatively neutrally on everything.
      It's a shame that it's now taking this extreme direction.

    xyz 6. August 2020, 7: 34

    I have always thought very highly of your site and have always found the contributions very enriching, but I find quoting “Reptilians” a bit questionable. Of course you should always be open to other people's opinions, but what I've actually always really appreciated about this site is that you report relatively neutrally on everything.
    It's a shame that it's now taking this extreme direction.