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With today's daily energy on April 06, 2023, we are mainly receiving the influences of a special full moon, which firstly will reach its full form at around 06:30 in the morning and secondly is in the zodiac sign Libra. For this reason alone, as far as this is concerned, we will achieve an energy quality that is of a very balancing nature or would like to draw us into the balance. So the Libra zodiac sign, whose ruling planet is Venus, always goes hand in hand with the healing of the aspects of us through which we fall into extremes on the one hand and, on the other hand, allow a reality to become manifest in which imbalance prevails.

The relationship with yourself is in the foreground

daily energyIn particular, the focus is on the relationship with ourselves. The Libra full moon can perfectly show us our own current self-image or our current relationship with ourselves and also allow us to feel it in depth. That is, are we happy with ourselves? To what extent have we been able to make progress in terms of our inner growth in the past few weeks and months. Are we satisfied and is the relationship with ourselves in balance? The Libra full moon can accordingly evoke deep feelings in us and therefore shows us exactly how we keep our relationship with ourselves and therefore with the world in limitations or, better said, in disharmony (Conversely, progress can of course also be shown to us. If the relationship with ourselves is currently healthy, then we will feel exactly that). On the other hand, the relationship with ourselves always goes hand in hand with the relationship with the outside world (as within, so without), i.e. how do we currently relate to our fellow human beings, to nature, to our living/living conditions, to our loved ones, to our family and what is our relationship to life in general? All of these aspects will now be fully illuminated by the full moon. And ultimately this process is extremely important, because the world can only become harmonious when the relationship with ourselves becomes harmonious. Healing the relationship with ourselves is therefore the key to healing the world.

Our inner wounds

daily energyOtherwise, the Libra Moon continues to be opposite the Aries Sun. The sun is conjunct Chiron today, which will generally focus on deep healing (Chiron always stands for our inner wounds and accordingly encourages us to heal). In doing so, the sun will illuminate myriad aspects of us (internal wounds and injuries) that, for example, make us unable to move forward and trap ourselves in a slowed-down state. As already described above, it will also be about the manifestation of a state in which we are absolutely balanced and carry all of the states together within us (instead of living in division and separation, we experience unity and completion). Accordingly, unfulfilled parts, which can be traced back to injured psychological aspects on our part, are now addressed in depth. The Aries Sun in conjunction with Chiron will show us exactly what circumstances or causes are preventing us from living out a fulfilled and true or self-actualizing version of ourselves. Well, ultimately a very powerful full moon will reach us and a highly magical day that will take us into the depths of our being. With that in mind, enjoy the energies. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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