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With today's daily energy on April 06th, 2022 we are passing through the very first portal this month (The other portals/portal days reach us on the 10th, the 27th and the 29th.), which is accompanied on the one hand by the element of air due to the Gemini Moon and, thanks to the Aries Sun, by the element of fire. So today we are passing through the energies of a very special portal, that will certainly provide us with many new opportunities, impulses and information. After all, portal days in particular serve to intensify our sensitive moods and, as a result, always promote greater access to our inner world.

Portal Day Energies

PortalThe overarching Aries energy wants to drive us forward in life again and, above all, ensure that we venture into the unknown, i.e. that we step into an energy of implementation and accordingly work on the realization of our true being. A good time to move forward with enthusiasm and impulse energy and to optimize all aspects of life. And thanks to the waxing moon phase, we also experience a daily, steady increase in the prevailing lunar energy until we reach the full moon day (16. April) experience the energetic climax and can lead some things to perfection or have been able to lead to that point. Ultimately, the Aries/fire energy also wants to move us towards new things, i.e. to break out of old, rigid patterns. You could also compare it with devotion to life. Instead of experiencing states of rigidity, we should follow our inner impulses and thereby ignite our inner fire. At the end of the day, as creators/sources ourselves, we can also experience the most wonderful things every day. We are capable of anything and, when we shift our focus, we can derive incredible enrichment from life itself. Instead of letting our inner space fill with emptiness and darkness, mainly by focusing our minds on bad things in the world, we can also perceive valuable things again (regardless of the fact that of course going through dark circumstances can also be a very valuable lesson).

Faith in the holy

Be it the currently blooming nature, be it the love that we give to our neighbors or even our life partners and families, be it the love that is given to us, be it our health or even the gratitude for being in the midst of this special Ascension processes, we have countless opportunities to recognize the uniqueness of life every day. And the more we focus on these uniqueness, the more harmonious our future experiences will generally be, because our mind then automatically attracts increasingly harmonious circumstances. For this reason we should also start by thinking about the good or Saints to believe. If we want to live within a harmonious world, if we want to manifest a golden age, then it is imperative that we realign our beliefs and begin to recognize what is unique in the world. Anyone who only focuses on the dark images of the system forfeits their own creative potential or uses their creative power to promote dark fields. So let's use today's energy and recognize the uniqueness of the day again. Incredibly good things are happening for all of human civilization and we should never ignore that. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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