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Today's daily energy on April 06th, 2019 is mainly characterized by extremely strong influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency and, on the other hand, by the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon, which is why moods continue to be favored that point to new beginnings, i.e. new living conditions, new structures and manifestation of a new mental state. Our mind in particular is particularly worth mentioning here, because changes in this regard always first begin in our own mind (within ourselves).

Lingering new moon energies

Lingering new moon energiesAll of our inner attitudes, beliefs and convictions flow into our minds. The same applies to all self-imposed limitations, conflicts and blockages. For this reason, larger and, above all, positive changes can only become apparent when we realign our own minds and subsequently gain new attitudes. In this context, our attitudes, along with our basic attitude, represent an aspect from which our reality arises. Destructive inner attitudes (“I don't deserve this", - "I'll never get this", - "I'm not worth it", - "I'm not beautiful", - "I can't do anything", - "I'm too small/weak", - " I'm not allowed to think that" or also, - "he doesn't deserve that", - "he can't have that", - "he's ugly", "he has no idea", - etc. - reflection of our own inner state, Projection onto the outside world) therefore always represent states of deficiency and are therefore accompanied by the manifestation of a reality that is in turn based on deficiency. We simply attract into our lives what we are, what corresponds to our inner attitudes and, above all, our charisma. For this reason, it is advisable to recognize your own self-created deficiency states, blockages, conflicts and, above all, attitudes based on deficiency. Only then will it be possible for us to rethink the corresponding attitudes and allow a new mental state to become manifest. The lingering new moon influences can therefore promote an inner change and transform our own spirit or our being into new, higher frequency ones (abundance based) Allow directions to expand.

Let no one be ruined, not even yourself, fill everyone with happiness, including yourself. That's good. - Bertolt Brecht..!!

Apart from this, a corresponding realignment can also be favored by the strong planetary resonance frequency influences. In this context, strong influences have been reaching us for days. For example, yesterday it was extremely stormy (see below picture) and a flood of cosmic impulses reached us. Cosmic impulsesThe current days are still extremely magical and are all about transformation and cleansing, which is why we should definitely take advantage of this fact. Everything is possible, we can achieve anything. With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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