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Today's daily energy on October 05th, 2019 is shaped on the one hand by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Capricorn last night at 19:46 p.m. (Sense of duty – ambition – creativity & security) and on the other side of profound and, above all, insightful impulses, because today is a portal day (There are many more portal days coming to us this month: on the 8th, 13th, 16th and the 26th to the 31st - 6 portal days in a row)

The first portal day of this month

In this context, today also marks the first highlight day of this month and will definitely be accompanied by a very special and, above all, cleansing mood. After all, the stronger the cosmic irradiations that in turn reach the collective consciousness or the higher/more intense the overarching frequency, the more strongly this promotes a cleansing effect. Old, destructive or shadow-heavy structures on our part are subsequently revealed (brought to our attention) to be cleaned up afterwards. Well, basically, exactly such processes are taking place in the current time of awakening. These processes were intensified in September and especially in the last few days, because October is like no other month (heading towards the coming golden decade) for the transition to a new world (the final months – out of old structures/into new structures). And to make a further connection here, portal days represent a high frequency like no other days (increased access to our inner world).

Especially on portal days we experience an intensification of the prevailing energies and can not only achieve very special self-knowledge, but also experience very special magical moods. The veils to our inner world are thinner. Our perception becomes much sharper/more sensitive and completely new circumstances can reveal themselves to us - portal into another world..!!

Today, the strong influences of the past few days will once again be greatly increased and will also confront us with structures on our part that are again not in harmony (the stronger the basic energy, the stronger the cleansing effect - it is not for nothing that the world and humanity is currently changing at an unprecedented pace). And in combination with the Capricorn Moon, circumstances become manifest again through which we are confronted with duties on our part that have again been neglected in the past. Well, at the end of the day things continue to be extremely exciting friends and we can be curious to see how far today will feel. After all, in these days anything is truly possible. These are the best, most magical, but also most transformative and intense days ever, because these days, weeks and months lead us into a completely new world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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