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daily energy

The daily energy today is very stormy in nature. In this context, we are once again experiencing a strong energetic increase today, which ultimately greatly favors the expansion of the collective state of consciousness. In that regard, the current high-energy phase continues, ultimately leading to an ever-increasing 5th dimensional manifestation on our planet. The 5th dimension, i.e. a planetary circumstance where harmony, peace and balance prevails, is therefore getting closer and closer, which can be seen in various factors.

Strong cosmic influences - storm low over Germany

measurements of love

On the one hand, people are becoming more and more sensitive in this regard, are once again confronted with their own origins and, as a result, recognize the extraordinary abilities of their own state of consciousness. As a result, people are regaining a much greater connection to nature, starting to respect nature and wildlife again, switching to a plant-based diet and starting to spend more time in nature. For example, there are ever-growing communities in which the vegan lifestyle is touted. On the other hand, there is also an ever-growing bushcraft community, which means a scene in which people spend the night in the great outdoors (forests, etc.) and try to survive in nature using simple means. People who simply prefer to spend more time in nature. Then you can see this change in the most diverse areas of music. More and more musicians, especially rappers (at least I've noticed this with various rap artists) are speaking out about the world shaped by elitist families, denouncing the puppet system and explaining why we humans were made into slaves (or why we have become slaves have it done). Political power games/intrigues and other enslaving mechanisms are increasingly being seen through/exposed and only very few people can escape this information. FreedomThere is currently a gigantic discovery of the truth taking place and even if not everyone is aware that we live on a planet of punishment in which our minds are curbed with all their might, more and more people are recognizing it. Well, parallel to the current discovery of the truth, the weather is once again going very crazy and a storm hits us, which is certainly not the result of chance. So it often happens that strong energetic influences are usually accompanied by stormy weather conditions. Apart from the fact that the weather in many parts of Germany is permanently cloudy (which promotes depressive moods), human/machine influences simply come into play here. Especially on such days, the weather is heavily influenced/manipulated using Haarp or chemtrails (other practices are also included) in order, firstly, to mitigate all the incoming frequencies and, secondly, to limit people's susceptibility.

The 5th dimension is not a place in the classic sense, but rather a higher state of consciousness from which a positive/peaceful reality emerges..!!

Of course, this practice cannot in any way stop the current change + the incoming frequencies, only mitigate it a little. The spiritual change on this planet is unstoppable and the entry into the 5th dimension, the creation of a collective, 5th dimensional state of consciousness is unstoppable. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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