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Today's daily energy on November 05th brings with it some stormy energies due to the exciting star constellation and could hit us as a result. On the other hand, today's daily energy also serves us as a mirror of our own inner state and makes it clear to us in a very special way that our own discrepancies, our mental blocks and other negative emotional reactions - which, for example, are based on fear and hate, are simply a result of a lack of self-love.

The mirror principle

daily energyIn particular, hating other people, hating the world, or hating life itself is merely a cry for love in this context and makes us aware of our own lack of self-love. As far as that goes, lack of self-love, as mentioned in my previous articles, is something that is responsible for a great many problems in today's world. So in this performance society we were taught to develop our own egoistic minds and our own mental abilities were much more undermined. Because of this, many people simply look for material goods, supposed status symbols, recognized professions in order to be able to get a certain EGO-based recognition at the end of the day.

In today's world, we humans tend to let our materially oriented 3D-EGO minds dominate us, which often leads to countless tensions..!!

Nevertheless, many people suffer internally, allow themselves to be dominated by a wide variety of fears and simply have little self-love. This lack of self-love then results in all sorts of problems.

Exciting star constellation

Exciting star constellationOn the one hand, we become more unbalanced and therefore more sickly (thoughtful chaos - strain on our mind), on the other hand, we increasingly reject ourselves, legitimize more negative thoughts in our own mind, and may tend to legitimize more judgments and hatred in our own mind and as a result see the world more and more from a negative perspective. The world is not the way you are, but the way you are. One always projects one's own inner mental/spiritual state onto the outside world. The Indian philosopher Osho said the following: When you love yourself, you love those around you. If you hate yourself, you hate those around you. Your relationship with others is only a reflection of yourself. Well, otherwise today's daily energy is also accompanied by very exciting star constellations. There is a tension between Venus and Uranus, which in turn can have a negative influence on love relationships and friendships and we may even question them and may even long for changes in this regard. The waning moon in the zodiac sign Taurus also makes separations easier today, especially if you have simply realized that continuing to do so would no longer make you happy and constant arguments prevent harmonious coexistence. Around noon, the moon switches to the zodiac sign Gemini, which can make us inquisitive and quick to react. We are much more alert and are looking for new experiences and impressions.

As far as star constellations are concerned, we should keep in mind that at the end of the day we are still the creators of our own reality and that our path in life is a result of our mental alignment. Of course, these constellations can have an influence on us, but what happens depends solely on us and we can create a life again at any time, in any place, that completely corresponds to our ideas..!! 

Apart from that, this twin moon can make us even more sociable + quick-witted and awakens an interest in all kinds of information in us. Intellectual activities and making new contacts is therefore particularly recommended in this phase of the moon. Towards the evening, when Mercury is in Sagittarius, we will be able to express ourselves more quickly and accurately and will also have a greater interest in philosophical topics. Apart from that, our striving or our urge for freedom will be expressed in our thinking. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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