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Today's daily energy on March 05th, 2018 is intense in nature and could therefore make us very impulsive, but also sensual and passionate. Due to the strong energetic influences, we could also cope with serious changes more easily, especially as we might long for new circumstances. Ultimately, these influences are mainly due to the moon, which again at 14:22 p.m. it changes into the zodiac sign Scorpio and then gives us the corresponding influences.

Moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio

Moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio“Scorpio moons” generally always give us strong energies and can make us quite emotional. Conflicts are therefore often the order of the day and a desire for argument and revenge could be dominant on Scorpio Moon days, at least if you get involved with the unfulfilled/disharmonic sides of the Scorpio Moon (and are generally negative). The Scorpio Moon could also make us act extremely ambitiously, even if we run the risk of pushing everything else, even important matters, into the background, which is why we could also speak of blind ambition. Ultimately, we shouldn't get too carried away today and, above all, we shouldn't take what has been said too personally. Due to the pronounced emotionality and impulsivity, it is therefore important to practice mindfulness and legitimize emotions in one's own mind that are of a harmonious nature. At the end of the day, this makes life easier and we have a positive influence on our own organism because, as has often been explained, our cells react to our own thoughts. Negative thoughts - attributed to an unbalanced mental state - tend to worsen our own physical and mental health, which not only accelerates our aging process, but can also promote the development of diseases. There is strength in calm. It is important to find a certain balance in life and create a circumstance with which you are in harmony. Balance, peace and harmony are fundamental principles of life, yes, they are even aspects of a universal law, namely the law of harmony and balance.

Love animals, love all plants and all things! If you love everything, the mystery of God will be revealed to you in all things, and you will ultimately embrace the whole world with love - Fyodor Dostoyevsky..!!

To put it simply, this principle states that everything in existence, at least as a rule (deep down) strives for harmonious states, for balance. Harmony and love represent the basic vibration of our lives and every form of life aims to create a harmonious circumstance, at least in the soulful core. Destructive living conditions always make us aware of our current lack of divine and self-loving connection and subsequently serve as valuable lessons for us.

More star constellations

More star constellationsWell, because of the Scorpio Moon, today we should remind ourselves of this universal principle again and therefore not allow ourselves to be disturbed too much by the relevant circumstances. Meditation would be highly recommended in this regard, at least if we notice that we are currently in an imbalance and perhaps becoming too impulsive. Otherwise, it should be said that two more star constellations reach us: a harmonious constellation, namely a sextile (sextile = harmonious aspect/angular relationship 01°) between the moon and Mars (in the zodiac sign Sagittarius) became effective at 00:60 a.m. that night , which at that time could give us great willpower, energetic action, a spirit of enterprise and also a love of truth. Anyone who was still active at night could possibly benefit from the positive influences of this constellation. Another constellation, namely an opposition (opposition = disharmonious aspect/angular relationship 180°) between the Moon and Uranus (in the zodiac sign Aries), then becomes active again at 07:18 a.m. This rather disharmonious connection could make us a little irritable, moody, exaggerated and stubborn in the early morning. Conflicts within a partnership are also encouraged by this constellation, which is why we should keep a cool head.

Today's daily energy is mainly shaped by the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio, which is why we could be in a situation that can make us very passionate, sensual, but also impulsive and emotional. We should therefore keep calm and go along with the harmonious sides of the Scorpio Moon instead of fixating on destructive circumstances..!!

Ultimately, the influences of the Scorpio Moon are mainly affecting us today, which is why passion, sensuality, but also strong impulsivity and emotionality could be in the foreground. For this reason, it would definitely be advisable to indulge in things that are very beneficial to our own well-being every now and then. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Maerz/5

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