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With today's daily energy on June 05th, the lingering influences of yesterday's full moon reach us, which are still clearly noticeable and give us a corresponding direction. On the other hand, today the direct Venus changes from the zodiac sign Cancer to the zodiac sign Leo. Unlike the Cancer sign, we can within the Venus/Leo phase carry our emotions and also our love strongly to the outside. Instead of hiding from this, we want to express our inner love while enjoying life.

Venus in Leo

Venus in LeoAfter all, Venus not only stands for love and partnership, but also for pleasure, joie de vivre, art, fun and generally for special interpersonal relationships. In combination with the lion, this results in a mixture in which we feel the strong urge to express our love to the outside world and, if necessary, to spend beautiful hours with our loved ones. After all, in the sign of Leo we can tend to show our love in a demonstrative way. On the other hand, the lion also goes directly with our own heart chakra, which is why in this phase we can be confronted with issues that still keep our heart blocked or we generally experience strong moments of heart opening. The feeling of empathy can be strong, at least it will be stronger when our heart is open. Ultimately, the Venus/Leo phase will be very important for the collective consciousness, because the great imbalance or chaos in the world is a direct result of closed hearts.

Opening our hearts

Opening our heartsResentment, anger, fear, hatred, envy, jealousy and other disharmonious feelings bring our own energy flow to a halt and also create a world outside in which it is not love, but the previously mentioned feelings that gain manifestation. But in our hearts lies the key to healing the world. Ultimately, the heart is also said to be the seat of our true intelligence. The fifth chamber of the heart also exists in our heart, in which our divine blueprint is directly embedded (Keyword: dodecahedron – image of a completely healed being). On the other hand, the torus field arises directly from our heart, basically from the fifth chamber of the heart. Now, when we have love within us, when we live true love, we can only attract more circumstances based on love. It is therefore not only the highest form of energy, but also the frequency that can truly lead the world to a higher state based on harmony. Nevertheless, we often allow ourselves to be dominated by contrary feelings, get angry quickly, judge others or think badly of someone. These processes represent deep programming within our field that consistently keeps aspects of our heart blocked. Well, within the current Venus/Leo phase, our heart is addressed in depth and we can experience purification processes in this regard. A special phase is therefore beginning. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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