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Dear friends, it took a few days but now I'm back with the latest daily energy article. A lot has happened in the meantime. The basic energetic influences have gone through the roof The planetary resonance frequency continued to rise, strong values ​​or anomalies were registered, special events took place and the overall atmosphere was one that could hardly be put into words, an incredible magic.

Our origin becomes manifest

Apart from that, time flies like never before (everything goes by so quickly - everything is developing at an incredible pace and we are truly heading towards the rooting of our original state, along with complete presence - living permanently in the now) and it seemed to me as if months had passed since the last daily energy article, it is therefore difficult to describe what happened during this time and which energies prevailed overall. The same applies to personal feelings. It's amazing how much our state of consciousness is currently being realigned. From week to week we are different people and have been able to expand our minds into completely new dimensions (Directions), were able to make new information/energies/frequencies manifest in our system and also initiate/experience important changes. Special events, for example Ascension Day, which stands for the ascension or return of the Christ consciousness to unity, to the primal field, the extremely renewing new moon in the zodiac sign Gemini and two powerful portal days on May 31st and June 04th have this circumstance again pushed tremendously. Ultimately, these are the aspects that are currently becoming more apparent than ever before. It is truly the manifestation of our original state, our original energy, our original leap, which we ourselves embody or rather into which we are now stepping (the gate of awakening is completely crossed).

All happiness comes from what you do for YOURSELF. (…) Do nothing that is unworthy of the blessed reality in your heart, and you will be happy and remain happy. But you must seek the SELF and when you find it, abide with it - Nisargadatta Maharaj..!!

You yourself are the source and therefore the origin of everything. Information that can incredibly liberate oneself, after all, is based on the origin of everything (which contains everything – is everything) maximum fullness and the awareness that oneself represents the origin of everything is therefore accompanied by maximum fullness, which one then automatically allows to become manifest externally, because ORIGIN IS MAXIMUM FULLNESS - that which every creator has, as the origin itself (Space of everything - you yourself have created everything, are the origin of everything, which is why the entire perceivable external world represents your own creation/origin and can therefore also become aware of it), is entitled. That's exactly what I'm experiencing 1:1 in my life, just as I always announced, friends, the transition from winter (Christmas Eve – birth of Christ consciousness – introspection – beginning of the opening of the heart) to spring (Easter - ascension of Christ consciousness - blossoming - heart opening) and then the transition into summer, shortly before, i.e. shortly before the maximum fullness, - Ascension of Christ (return to unity, to the original state, to the original consciousness, - to the origin) .  

From total reset to maximum fullness

From total reset to maximum fullness And to be honest, all of these events can be transferred 1:1 to us humans. The closer we have come to our origins within our spiritual development, the more this is reflected in our existence. As I said, what has happened since winter 2018/2019 to this day is indescribable and hard to put into words, simply because it involves so much. For me, for example, it started at this point with the medicinal herbs that I have been using ever since (within nature/forest), in large quantities, I consumed almost every day. Ultimately, the medicinal herbs, surrounded by the primal energy (Nature), grew up in the primal energy (Nature – peace, etc. – maximum abundance – that is nature), permeated by the primal energy (from natural influences) a primal energetic state. It is maximum fullness (natural abundance, nutrient abundance, primal information, light, biophotons, etc.) that we can supply to our mind/body/spirit system. The daily supply of this primal information then leads to us automatically aligning ourselves with our primal state and adjusting our frequency to it, automatically, because as I said, it is primal information that we then feed ourselves every day. This fact is often greatly underestimated, which is why I always point out the incredible importance of medicinal herbs (not self-bred - is of course also great, but it lacks the 100% natural influences, growing up within natural influences, in nature - only surrounded by primal information). Well, at the end of the day I was able to absorb nature and its seasons, which is why the seasons can be transferred 1:1 to my life. I could go into the whole thing in detail, but that would go way beyond the scope of this article (but it's still coming). In the end, it shouldn't be about that at all, I would rather draw attention to how this, so far, symbolically goes hand in hand with the return to our original state and describe my personal experiences about it. As you know, I stopped receiving daily energy items. Previously, shortly before this happened, construction work was taking place in the neighborhood and lines were accidentally cut, meaning that some streets no longer had any network (Reset – radiation exposure completely reduced), we could all feel this incredible magic that prevailed in the background.

The highest good is the harmony of the soul with itself. – Seneca..!!

The magic was unique and we inevitably headed for 5D (fifth dimension = high-frequency/independent/loving/strong/wise state of consciousness - can be expanded forever^^) and thus towards maximum fullness. In this context, a lot of things fell into place in my life, a lot of things came together in harmony and apart from the entire network with all of you (which is basically still in its early stages - wonderful conversations and connections have emerged - thanks the primal or healing water - it's not for nothing that the spring came into my life - the best thing that could have happened to me, - that's why I can only say how important it is to drink highly pure/high-frequency/hexagonal water every day, - it will be your life, just like mine, change completely) I felt an incredible change taking place. The reset took place shortly before Ascension Day. But I saw it completely calmly and thought to myself, well, that's the same, then I'll give myself up to peace and quiet, away from all the existing connections. On Ascension Day I had an extremely special conversation that lasted hours with a very special person (who is very, very close to me - primal connection, - my inner state, which was attuned to the primal frequency, ensured that this primal connection only became manifest in my life, - we create/experience what we do on the outside are and what we radiate) and I felt my origins in this conversation (that I myself represent the origin of everything - ties in with the passage above - allowing the highest ideas to become manifest) stronger than ever before, I completely immersed myself in this state. At the same time, the data volume on both of my cards was used up and the network was completely down (total reset, – felt that very strongly). It was therefore an extremely magical moment or magical hours that was so fitting for the Ascension of Christ or the return to unity that it can hardly be put into words. In the following days, until the new moon, I experienced a weekend full of peace, harmony and primal energy. It was very healing and felt like a vacation. During this time I also completely withdrew and devoted myself exclusively to this peace and very special connections. It was extraordinary. Well, as I said, the whole story with all the details will still be taken up by me, but...everything in its own time.

The real essence of spirit is light; Darkening can only appear temporarily. – Dalai Lama..!!

Well, what I ultimately want to get at is that everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, is currently moving completely towards our original state. There is such a strong energetic potential that we can achieve INCREDIBLE things. The entry into maximum abundance, the entry into 5D is happening NOW and if we open ourselves to it, then we can immerse ourselves in impressive states of abundance. Very, very serious things will happen in the next few days and weeks. In the background everything realigns itself and due to the constant frequency increases (which cannot be missed, since not only “our” planet as a living organism itself, but also humanity is experiencing an increase in frequency - more and more people are waking up, finding themselves and increasing their frequency, whereby the overall frequency continues to rise). A circumstance has now been reached that literally catapults us into 5D. Today will also build on this and is all about the strong basic energetic quality, magic, transformation and the return to our primal consciousness, the awareness that we ourselves have not only always represented the origin of everything, but also always will represent. We can never go out, we exist forever. In this sense, something special happens and we can find ourselves with full devotion and thereby initiate the golden age within ourselves. The best and most high-frequency circumstances/conditions are now waiting to be created or, better said, accepted by us. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.
PS Here we go again!!!! 🙂

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