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With today's daily energy on July 05th, 2023, the influences of the moon reach us, which is now in its waning phase, and on the other hand, the special July energies reach us. The month of July essentially stands for abundance and shows us the principle of maximum flowering, particularly through nature. Some fruits in the nature (various berries or even cherries) have matured and can now be harvested. Likewise, on countless planes of existence, we can reap the fruits of our own labors, or rather, the fruits of our past states of consciousness.

Mars moves to Virgo

Mars moves to VirgoIn addition, July is again associated with countless special astrological constellations, which in turn change the prevailing energy mix and allow us to adjust accordingly to a new circumstance. At the beginning, on July 10th, Mars changes to the zodiac sign Virgo. In that regard, Mars also always comes with a forward-going energy. This activates our inner fire, i.e. our creative power, and we can work full of vigor and energy on the implementation of new circumstances. In the Virgo zodiac sign, a time is dawning when we can use our energy in particular for the manifestation of a state in which our health comes first. For this reason, we can find ourselves from this time on within a circumstance in which we would like to bring new healing to our lives in a targeted manner and, if necessary, even will.

Mercury moves to Leo

Exactly one day later, i.e. on July 11th, Mercury, i.e. the planet of communication and knowledge, will move into the zodiac sign Leo. Within the zodiac sign Leo, which ultimately goes hand in hand with the heart chakra, it will be particularly important that we hold specific pronunciations, for example, which will expand our hearts. On the other hand, insights can reach us through which we will also experience a deeper opening of the heart. We also want to express our creative aspects (ruling planet Venus) and actively exchange ideas with other people.

New Moon in Cancer

daily energyA few days later, i.e. on July 17th, a special new moon in the zodiac sign Cancer will reach us, which in turn will be opposed by the sun in the zodiac sign Cancer. This new moon will therefore address our sensitive, emotional and above all mental side with concentrated power and has an effect on our personal ties or our family longings, topics and circumstances. This water new moon can also make us extremely emotional and clarify a lot in our energy field in this regard. The moon, which generally appeals to our emotional sides and on the one hand goes hand in hand with the primal female energy, stands at the core for our emotional worlds. The Cancer zodiac sign generally lets us be much more sensitive or emotional and wants us to let our emotions out, or rather the water energy flushes tensions, deep-seated / unresolved emotions and heavy energies out of our system. This constellation will therefore be extremely flushing.

Venus turns retrograde in Leo

Then, on July 23, Venus in Leo will go retrograde (until September 04). In this phase of retrogression, our relationship levels will primarily be in the foreground. Above all, our hearts are tested, along with our interpersonal connections. Are there circumstances that are still unresolved or even unfulfilled, for example an unfulfilled connection/relationship or general conflicts that we have suppressed so far or that we have not been able to face? For this reason, in this longer period of time, our heart will experience a strong examination and we can prepare ourselves for profound solution processes.

Sun moves to the zodiac sign Leo

Sun moves to the zodiac sign LeoOn exactly the same day, the monthly big sun change takes place, because the sun then changes from the zodiac sign Cancer to the zodiac sign Leo. From this point on, we are therefore entering a phase in which our heart will experience a strong illumination (the sun always illuminates our essence and within the lion, our heart is particularly illuminated). Above all, our love and also our ability to empathize will be in the foreground. As I said, the lion is closely connected to our own heart chakra and consequently always activates our own heart energy. Within a Leo Sun phase, it is also important that our warm side is illuminated and that our corresponding aspects flow in this regard. On the other hand, energies also reach us through which we can realize ourselves much more strongly. We should step into our true power and then create life that we have always dreamed of.

Chiron goes retrograde

On July 23rd another change also takes place, as Chiron turns retrograde in Aries (until April 18, 2024). Chiron itself always stands for our inner wounds and injuries. In its retrogression, we will be confronted with our inner wounds in particular and will be asked to look at them. Due to the Aries zodiac sign, we will be shown above all where we ourselves are stagnating and keep our own flow blocked. After all, Aries is always about a forward-moving energy quality. But what inner wounds keep us from being able to move forward ourselves? During this period we will therefore be confronted with corresponding internal issues in a direct way.

Mercury moves to Virgo

Mercury moves to VirgoLast but not least, on July 28, Mercury will change from the zodiac sign Leo to the zodiac sign Virgo. As a result, the manifestation of a new life structure will be in the foreground. As said, Virgo is always associated with structure, order, health and a general life based on healing. We could therefore also acquire a lot of knowledge in this phase, which will enable us to take new paths to health again. In addition, this constellation will provide us with a lot of grounding and will be responsible for the fact that we surrender to essential circumstances and allow healthy structures to become manifest.

Closing words

Well then, ultimately July has some exciting constellations in store for us, which are primarily aimed at our own heart field. Nevertheless, the general July quality will affect us overarching and want to draw us into inner blossoming. A month of abundance and prosperity is upon us. But well, finally I would like to go back to my latest Youtube Video refer, in which I went into the subject of divine healing substances in nature, i.e. what they are and, above all, why they truly bring healing into our own energy field. Especially now that nature is in full bloom and we have access to these divine substances, the whole thing is all the more exciting. You can find the video just below this section. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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