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Today's daily energy on July 05th, 2019 is still characterized by the moon in the zodiac sign Leo, which means that a self-confident appearance, an optimistic mood and persistent behavior can continue to accompany our everyday life. On the other hand, the extremely strong energetic influences that have been set in motion since the total solar eclipse also affect us.

Initialization/activation of special structures

Initialization/activation of special structuresIn this context, the total solar eclipse on July 02nd (the seventh month) also one of the most important turning points of all and opened a gate into very deep states of being. Important structures became manifest and the day was therefore crucial from a transformative point of view, i.e. special interfaces were initialized/activated within us, which created a huge pull in 5D states. Ultimately, we will now inevitably move into corresponding new states of consciousness (based on harmony, wisdom - knowledge about our spiritual foundation, about our origin, - self-love, abundance and inner strength) introduced. For this reason, it is also important to accept this transition instead of resisting it (limit yourself - EGO overactivity - allow self-imposed blockages to prevail) or, on the other hand, to focus one's own attention on maintaining one's own destructive structures. It is time that we allow a corresponding realignment and

The tree of life arises in the void, in the wide, radiant emptiness of space. First, there is a very subtle “mental impulse” – the creative impulse. Then this very subtle spiritual impulse becomes more tangible: a thought, a clear, unambiguous drive to create something. Once the impulse has become a thought, it gains momentum and becomes a feeling, an emotional impulse. This feeling, supported by the constant thought, soon manifests itself in physical form, as an object that we can perceive with our senses. – Marcus Allen, Tantra for the West..!!

And when we join in, miracles truly happen, because then we release our entire potential and create what we are destined for, namely a paradisiacal living situation based on self-love, happiness and freedom. Well then, today's daily energy, which in turn is still massively influenced by the past total solar eclipse, can show us corresponding ideas and release the impulse within ourselves to finally work on the manifestation of a corresponding state of consciousness. Of course, the prevailing energy quality is strong and can be very tiring at times (just like not only me, but many people have experienced in the past few days), but that does not mean that we have to remain in a lack, on the contrary, abundance is calling! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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