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Today's daily energy on January 05th, 2020 is mainly characterized by extremely strong energetic influences, which in turn have been accompanied by an incredible and, above all, unprecedented change since the beginning of the new decade. Everything boils down to our own divinity and as already mentioned in the last daily energy articles, our own self-realization, in itself our own God-realization, is in the foreground.

Strong planetary resonance frequency anomaly

strong planetary resonance frequency anomalyIn this regard, this golden decade, especially the first year of this decade, is about the unfolding of our own divine being on all levels of existence. That one represents the source, the origin, the creator, i.e. that we can bring to life the highest image of ourselves, this divine reality wants to be lived and developed permanently. For this reason, everything will now adapt to our highest divine spirit and it will also become increasingly difficult for us not to feel or live out this highest knowledge. There is hardly any space left for low-frequency states, which is why the experience of corresponding shadows or rather opposite states increases massively in intensity, simply so that we can find ourselves and go into the light instead of continuing to live out the corresponding rigidity. And along with this, we also experience ever stronger energetic updates and impulses, which in turn come to us (Since we ourselves as creators are everything/represent everything, since EVERYTHING is just IMAGES/IMAGINATIONS, created by ourselves, which we in turn visit/revive spiritually, these energy increases are essentially due to ourselves - our own change creates them Energy boostg) and deepen our experience of God even more. Strong planetary resonance frequency anomaly

In this regard, there was also a strong black shift lasting several hours the day before yesterday, which highlighted the change at the beginning of the year and laid important foundations for the coming period (A corresponding anomaly would be registered not only on the day before yesterday, but also on the previous night/night). Well, of course that could also have been a measurement failure, but measurement failures, especially when measuring the planetary resonance frequency, also indicate strong energetic inflows. Ultimately, things will continue intensively and we can look forward to what we will create in the coming time. Our divinity becomes manifest on all levels. Our inner world is rising. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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