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Full moon

With today's daily energy on February 05, 2023, the energy of a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Leo (at 19: 29 clock), which in turn is opposite the Sun in Aquarius. This astrological position represents a magical constellation that has a special influence on our own mind, body and soul system, especially on our heart. In this context, the moon always stands for our emotional life or for our female and hidden parts. In this context, the moon is also the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Cancer, which is why our emotional world and our feelings in interpersonal connections and partnerships are always in the foreground with the moon.

The Heart Energy of the Leo Moon

FULL MOON in the sign of LEOIn the zodiac sign Leo, our love and also our ability to empathize are in the foreground. The lion is also closely connected to our own heart chakra and consequently always activates our own heart energy. The Leo full moon is all about illuminating our own heart and letting our corresponding quality flow. On the other hand, the lion full moon would also like to activate us in our own self-realization, so that joy of life can be manifested again on all levels of existence and we can feel ourselves completely inside. And the fact that we come into our true power and, as a result, live our deepest calling, is generally becoming more and more important. As the matrix system becomes more and more uncomfortable, but as a result also tends to break down even more, more people internally feel the urge to free themselves from the dense structures of the matrix. The unfolding of a high state of consciousness or one based on divinity, holiness and above all independence always breaks through the surface. Human civilization is in an overarching ascension process that will ultimately transform it into a divine civilization. And along with that, all circumstances based on imbalance will be gradually resolved.

Freedom through the Aquarius sun

Freedom through the Aquarius sun Today's Leo full moon can therefore lead us even deeper into this structure, because it activates our own heart, i.e. our own self-love and also our ability to empathize. And at the end of the day, the full development of our own heart field generally also represents the key to healing our own being and also to healing the world, because we live in a world or in a system that in turn is characterized by density, suffering, pain, control, small-mindedness and fear is maintained. Unconditional love is the only energy quality that can in turn break through all structures based on density. Well then, on the other hand, the full moon is still opposed to the sun in the zodiac sign Aquarius. As a result, there is still a strong urge for freedom, independence and limitlessness in the foreground. It's about removing all of our self-imposed boundaries and limitations. The freer our own spirit becomes and, above all, the more extensive or higher/more important the idea of ​​ourselves and the world is, the stronger we let a world come to life in which this limitlessness becomes manifest. Ultimately, therefore, today's energy is completely related to the activation of our own heart, along with the urge for freedom. So let's integrate the full moon quality and bring new splendor to our lives. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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