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Today's daily energy on February 05th, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the lasting influences of yesterday's new moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius and on the other hand by the general consciousness-expanding and impulse-rich basic energetic quality (attributed to an increase in the frequency of our solar system/planet and due to the massive spiritual development - the more people carry a thought within themselves, the stronger this thought becomes manifest in the collective). Impulsive is also the key word here, because the current days of 2019 are so impulsive that countless new perspectives, possibilities and, above all, states of consciousness can and have so far reached us.

We are given more and more

Impulsive timesAt its core, everything is based on consciousness and we humans, as spiritual/mental beings ourselves, can change our own states of consciousness. Yes, basically we are able to immerse ourselves in a very short space of time in spiritual states that are characterized by abundance, wisdom and, overall, a positive basic feeling. Due to the impulsive and very stormy basic energetic quality, we can also experience permanent changes in various states of consciousness, a circumstance that has happened to me very often in the last few weeks (mentioned a few months ago - While one moment I was emotionally very upset and felt weak inside, the next moment I was like a new person and experienced a feeling of freedom from worry and love - the ability to immediately immerse yourself in new states is just something you have given to every person). I'm currently experiencing something similar, but it largely relates to an oscillation between abundance and lack, with abundance predominating (Of course, before there was also an oscillation between abundance and lack, but this time it is more direct, i.e. this time I relate it directly to abundance and lack). Overall, I have a positive basic feeling and know within myself that everything I want will be given to me because of the all-pervading abundance (which is not only available to every person if they open themselves up to it, but is also always there). need or what I would like to find out.

Your mind is an instrument, a tool. It's useful for certain tasks, and when they're done, you turn it off again. In reality, eighty to ninety percent of most people's thinking is not only useless and repetitive, but often so disordered and negative that it is downright harmful. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

It's not an expectation, but rather an internal one KNOWLEDGEThat's how it is, which means that I automatically experience the corresponding circumstances/conditions. Sometimes I experience corresponding conditions within a very short period of time.

Abundance or lack - the choice is ours

Abundance or lack - the choice is oursHowever, it also happens that I have a moment of doubt (I let my mind tell me that something will not be experienced because it is not possible → lack) and promptly attract lack and the desired “abundance experiences” fail to materialize (I then experience the effects of my temporary mental limit). The current days are therefore still fascinating and can involve a wide variety of conditions. A wide variety of impulses can reach us within a very short space of time and, in the current “time of upheaval”, a day or even a moment can come when we experience a fundamental change in our own mental state (we reflect on ourselves and suddenly understand our own patterns → liberation, or we legitimize a completely new belief in our own mind from one moment to the next). We are still heading towards a liberation of our hearts. The manifestation of our heart energy is becoming more and more important and gives us more and more impressions of a life based on abundance, love, life energy, vitality and peace. Everything is in our hands because we are the creators of our lives and can choose whether we experience abundance or lack, whether we create destructive/closing or harmonious/open living conditions. Of course, there is a serious change going on in the background, no question about it, and more and more people are waking up, i.e. spiritual and spiritual prosperity, accompanied by the opening of our hearts, is becoming more and more manifest. In the same way, we may increasingly be confronted with patterns based on lack and destructiveness, simply because the high fundamental planetary frequency (the transition to 5D), our patterns are transported into our daily consciousness, but this does not mean that we have to give up our power or succumb to it for a long period of time until the patterns are cleared. We always have the choice and can achieve and experience incredible things due to the special phase that all of humanity is currently in. We can also completely bathe in the all-pervasive abundance and attract everything into our lives that we would like to experience, especially if we know that we, as divine beings/creators, can manifest everything with the help of our spiritual abilities.

Anyone who is identified with their mind rather than with their true strength, the deeper self rooted in being, will have fear as a constant companion. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Our heart says yes, it works, it is possible, it can be experienced/realized, it is just right, everything comes → abundance, our mind in turn says no, that is not possible, that is not possible, that cannot be manifested/realized , nothing is right at the moment, I'm not getting anything → Deficiency. Let us therefore join in with the change and the heart-opening impulses that come with it and create a life based on abundance, peace and love. Even if it is difficult to recognize at times, especially when experiencing painful states of consciousness, it is easier than ever before. We can achieve and create anything, ANYTHING. There are no limits to ourselves, except those that we impose on ourselves, but we can break these limits. With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 05th, 2019 – The immeasurable size of consciousness
joy of life

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