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daily energy

Today's daily energy on August 05th, 2022 brings us the influences of the waxing crescent moon, which in turn reaches its corresponding balancing shape at 13:06 p.m. The moon is in the energetically impulsive sign of Scorpio, as the moon moved into the water sign yesterday at 13:43 p.m. Ultimately, we achieve a powerful combination. On the one hand Scorpio is considered the most energetic sign, which is why plants, fruits, etc. are especially popular on Scorpio days. have a higher energy and vital substance density.

Scorpio crescent

Scorpio crescentOn the other hand, the water sign floods us with its powerful impulses and energies. In this way, Scorpio not only activates our hidden sides and wants to bring a lot of light into the darkness in this regard, but Scorpio generally penetrates our field and wants to bring conflicts and other unfulfilled structures to the surface. Particularly on half-moon days, all internal conflicts are in the foreground, through which we in turn live out an inner imbalance. The two halves of the moon, illuminated and darkened, show us the principle of unity. Everything has two sides or there are two sides of a coin that together form the whole. It is exactly the same within our lives. We ourselves tend to see life itself in separation, i.e. we not only see/feel all events and circumstances as separate, but also our connection to the world and the collective. But the external world is only a direct reflection of our inner source, or rather it represents a reflection of ourselves, of the source, because we ourselves are the original source of all things. The outer world as a direct reflection of our inner world also represents the original source, that is the big picture. The inner and outer world, both are one, i.e. the wholeness, the unity.

Mercury in Virgo

daily energyThe crescent moon shows us this principle perfectly and therefore wants to lead us back to unity. Inner balance is the key word here, because only when we bring inner balance to life can the external world come into balance as a direct reflection. Thanks to the Scorpio sign, we can now be confronted with circumstances through which, firstly, we still see the world in separation (Separation-based beliefs) and on the other hand we are shown conflicts on our part, through which we bring about an inner imbalance. Of course, both aspects go hand in hand and there is no separation here either. In this regard, an internal imbalance is directly linked to the deeply hidden feeling of separation or “being separate”. Nevertheless, we can now gain special insights into our own mental life in this regard. Well, with regard to today's daily energy there was also a change within the current position of the planet. Yesterday at 09:01 a.m. Mercury moved from the zodiac sign Leo into the earthy sign Virgo. This allows us to have significantly more discipline in our everyday lives, because Mercury in Virgo promotes a more regular daily routine. We could also feel an increased pull towards a regulated or natural diet and pursue it with zeal. In exactly the same way, circumstances can now be examined more closely on our part if, for example, we demonstrate a lack of discipline. This could be in the areas of nutrition, fitness and general self-care. Devoting yourself now to regulated and, above all, clarifying/liberating everyday structures can be greatly inspired. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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