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Today's daily energy on April 05th, 2019 is mainly characterized by renewing influences, because we have a new moon in the zodiac sign Aries (at 10: 49 clock). In this context, the new moon is also very convenient for us, because the month of April, which in turn fully ushered in spring (in March there was still a transitional mood), is accompanied overall by a tremendous atmosphere of optimism and optimism.

Change/new beginning

Change/new beginning - new moonFor example, we previously reached the portal day phase. Moods prevailed that were entirely in the spirit of our true being, i.e. we were able to find much more about ourselves and, as a result, shed self-created and, above all, limiting identifications (I am spirit/soul/body/co-creator/God, - all identifications that cover one's true SELF - everything is based on one's own imagination, - everything arises from that own SELF, - you YOURSELF create everything, is everything - it is therefore ultimately about recognizing your own SELF - finding yourself SELF). They were therefore extremely stormy but necessary days, all of which could be extremely important for our self-discovery. But now spring is coming. As already mentioned in the last daily energy articles, everything is now all about growth, flourishing, blossoming and self-realization. The new moon in the zodiac sign Aries therefore marks a turning point and leads us into a phase in which we can fully use or exploit our full potential. Gone is the time of suffering, the time of looking back and, above all, the time of one's own limitations. Instead, leaving our own comfort zone is now more important than ever, especially in order to be able to create a reality that completely corresponds to our own ideas. In this regard, the zodiac sign Aries is also associated with increased life energy, which is exactly how we can be more open to new life circumstances (corresponding moods are reinforced).

I live my life based on two principles. One – I live as if today were my last day on earth. Two – I live today as if I were going to live forever. – Osho..!!

And in this regard, new moons generally represent the manifestation of new living conditions, the acceptance/creation of new structures, which is why everything is in the spirit of our own development, more strongly than ever before. Ultimately, we should take advantage of the magical new moon influences and, in keeping with spring, the new and, above all, the blossoming (Blooming of one's self) connect. As I said, each individual can achieve incredible things and create a version of themselves that not only breaks all boundaries, but also initiates massive change in the world (By changing ourselves, we change the world). We are not insignificant beings, but we OURSELVES represent unique universes from which not only everything arises, but from which everything has always arisen. Therefore, use the highly renewing new moon influences and begin to manifest a new reality. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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