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Act with today's daily energy on September 04, 2023 (away from the meanwhile waning moon) two special constellation changes affect us, which in turn causes the overarching energy quality to undergo a special change. On the one hand, Venus in the zodiac sign Leo becomes direct again, which can have a very positive effect on all aspects of partnership. On the other hand, however, Jupiter in Taurus is turning retrograde, which can result in a review of our finances and, more importantly, overall harmful habits. After all, a declining phase can always be viewed as a retrospective. Things slow down and come into our consciousness for review.

Venus becomes direct

Venus becomes directNevertheless, to start with Venus, today, as already mentioned, in the zodiac sign Leo, this is becoming direct, at least directness is slowly starting to take on traits again from today. Due to the direct nature, we can feel a lightness in relation to partnership issues. After all, Venus stands for pleasure, joy, art and partnership issues (as well as interpersonal issues – generally connections to familiar people). As an example, we were therefore able to be confronted with many topics in which there were problems or even profound blockages in this regard during their declining phase. Seen in this way, we were automatically given the opportunity to solve corresponding problems on our part. In the directness that is now beginning, we can therefore integrate what we have learned and bring harmony or lightness into our connections. On the other hand, due to Leo energy, our heart energy is strongly addressed. The lion always goes hand in hand with the activation of our heart chakra and wants us to revive our empathic parts. In the coming time it will therefore be easier for us to experience corresponding expansion and healing within our heart field. And as a result, our own self-realization will also be in the foreground. Instead of sinking into self-esteem problems, we can have the opposite experience and, as a result, truly let the lion in us come alive.

Jupiter goes retrograde

Jupiter goes retrogradeWell, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, Jupiter is also retrograde in Taurus today. In this context, Jupiter always stands for expansion, expansion and also financial luck. In the retrograde phase, therefore, we may be confronted with circumstances that prevent us from expanding and growing internally, for example. Due to the Taurus zodiac sign, we could be confronted with harmful habits at this point, which relate to addictions or general circumstances that keep us tied to our own four walls in a disharmonious sense. Ultimately, this phase will therefore now serve very strongly to clean up burdensome patterns, so that we ourselves can keep more growth or abundance manifested internally, which means that we are only subsequently able to attract abundance, entirely according to the Jupiter principle (like inside, so outside). At least we mustn't forget at this point that we often pursue bad habits and circumstances full of perseverance and perseverance, usually even until the entire pent-up energy is discharged in one fell swoop. These inner programs reduce our vitality and accordingly our attitude to life, i.e. internally these aspects go hand in hand with lack instead of abundance, which in turn attracts lack on the outside. For this reason, even seemingly the smallest stressful habits can prevent the flow of abundance in life. However, the upcoming phase of Jupiter retrograde will be perfectly conducive to discerning these patterns so that we can once again manifest more abundance habits. With that in mind, let us welcome today's two constellation changes. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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