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Today's daily energy on September 04th is an expression of the power of movement, an expression of our urge for change and thus also stands for new processes in our lives. In this context, some old programs and other sustainable behaviors + structures are now coming to an end. Old negative patterns are released and space is created for new experiences + energetically lighter ways of life. On the other hand, today is also about letting go and, as a result, letting go of your own fears and burdens as a whole.

Relief from own burdens

Relief from own burdensAs far as that is concerned, it is very important to let go of your own mental problems, not to offer them any more space and, above all, to finally end past conflicts. Otherwise, these problems keep gnawing away at our day-to-day consciousness, burden our own psyche and prevent us from staying in a high vibration frequency for a long time. Our subconscious then simply transports these mental conflicts into our own mind again and again. Ultimately, this paralyzes us in a way and prevents us from consciously drawing positive energies from the present. In this context, the present is also what is always happening and accompanies us at all times and in all places. An eternally expansive moment that has always been, is, and always will be. For example, what we're going to do in a week's time is going to be happening in the present, and what happened a few weeks ago is also happening in the present. The present is therefore always present.

The present is an eternally expansive moment that has always been, is, and always will be. A moment that has always been present in our lives..!!

Nevertheless, many people do not consciously stay in the present, but in their self-created mental past or future. You get guilt from the past, you can't close what happened, or you fear the future, which is ultimately in your hands.

Strong power of manifestation

daily energy

In this regard, the future is not yet certain or we can choose for ourselves what should happen in the future. What we do, think and even are today determines our further course in life. There is also a very interesting Buddhist wisdom about this: “What we are today follows from the thoughts we had yesterday and our current thinking determines our life as it will be tomorrow. The creation of our consciousness, that is our life. Therefore, when a person speaks or acts with an impure consciousness, suffering follows him, just as the wheel follows the hooves of a beast of burden." This wisdom hits the nail on the head. If we initiate important changes today, change our own mental orientation, commit more positive actions, for example start changing our diet or realize other things that we have been planning for a long time, then this inspires our further "life course" and has an effect on us a positive reversal tomorrow. Since there is currently an energetic high that massively increases our own power of manifestation, this effect occurs much faster. The actions we commit today or rather NOW, what we think and feel NOW determines our future life.

Due to the currently strong energetic circumstance, we humans are experiencing a significant increase in our own manifestation powers..!!

We should therefore make use of this currently strong manifestation force and change our lives NOW. Postponing and repressing only keeps us from realizing the best version of ourselves. So start NOW, especially as the current energetic circumstance facilitates + favors the creation of positive space. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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