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Today's daily energy on October 04th, 2017 stands for our own inner life, for our own mental state, for which again only we ourselves are responsible. In this context, we humans are always responsible for all our experiences in life. We create/influence the further course of our own life with our own state of consciousness, can at any time, in any place, act self-determined and choose for ourselves which thoughts we realize and which not.

Taking responsibility for our own inner life

Taking responsibility for our own inner lifeIn this regard, our own consciousness also represents our own primal ground and is consequently also the highest authority in existence. In this context, everything in existence is of a mental/spiritual nature. Here one also likes to speak of a morphogenetic field, a great spirit, an all-pervading consciousness, which in turn gives form to all existing states. This circumstance is ultimately the reason why we humans are the designers of our own destiny. We don't have to succumb to fate or external circumstances, but we can take our own fate, our own life into our own hands and create a life that corresponds to our own ideas. Ultimately, however, we can only create a life according to our own ideas again (i.e. usually a life in which we are completely happy, satisfied and peaceful) by no longer trapping ourselves in self-imposed vicious circles, when we no longer have our own fears when we no longer become dependent on situations, interpersonal relationships, energetically dense foods or even addictive substances such as nicotine, caffeine or other substances. Otherwise, we keep falling into an inhibited state of consciousness. We allow our own vibration frequency (everything in existence consists of energy/vibration/information/frequency) to be kept low, we may feel lethargic, sluggish, sick, and we may subsequently legitimize judgments in our own mind. If our own inner state is shattered or even chaotic, then this inner feeling is always transferred to our external world and this leads to inconsistencies and leads to a wide variety of problems.

The universal principle of correspondence shows us in a simple way that the external world is ultimately only a mirror of our own internal state. As above - so below, as below - so above. As within - so without, as without - so within. As in the big, so in the small..!!

Eckhart Tolle also said the following: The pollution of the planet is only the reflection on the outside of psychological pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people who do not take responsibility for their inner space. Ultimately, he is absolutely right and hits the nail on the head. Our own mental/emotional state is always reflected in the outside world and vice versa. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important that we humans take responsibility for our own space again in order to be able to create a life that not only inspires our own mind/body/spirit system, but also the lives of those around us that enriches the entire coexistence on our planet. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony..!!

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